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Lykke Li

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Lykke Li

Come Near

In the night when I lay my head
I come down to pay myself
In the morning when the light is bright
I forgot just where I've been
All I know is that it's happenin' right
I'm gone like a ramblin' man
Before the rush comes kickin' in
Drop in on me like I knew you would
Like a kiss from my baby's would
We are two, we are one inside
Livin' life and we're understood
We go north, we go back in time
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We go home to make you love us
And we dive in the fire of love
From the north to the shore to the time bomb bomb
Sock it to me like a good bar boy
You are mine, Ali pop, you're my sugary shark
I get high, they won't know that I died in your arms
To the sound of the bass to the beat of a tom
Here they come, here they come
Here they come, here they come

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