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The Drifters( Drifters )

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The Drifters( Drifters )

Bip Bam (Digitally Remastered)

Bip bam, thank you m'am
Kisses taste like candy jam
You can see what a fool I am
When your lips meet mine, bip bam
Baby let me have some fun
Won't you give me more than one
Lord I love you, sugar plum
Look out now, 'cause here I come

Bip bam, thank you m'am
It's good like 'berry jam
Makes me growl like a baby lamb
When you kiss me honey, bip bam
Well, you make me feel so fine
I could almost lose my mind
Let me leave this world behind
In your arms another time

Bip bam, thank you m'am
Shuts me up just like a clam
Kicks me hard as a Texas ram
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But it suits me baby, bip bam
When it comes to what you do
Ain'y nobody else but you
Lordy, where do you come from
Your love, an atom bomb

Bip bam, thank you m'am
All my talking ain't no sham
Makes me stay when I ought to scram
'Cause I love you lovin', bip bam
Baby I can hardly speak
When you start yeah, you leave me weak
When you kill me, well it's bye bye
It's a real fine way to die

bip bam, oohw wee baby
bip bam, drive me crazy
bip bam, I'm on fire
When you kiss me baby, bip bam

The Drifters( Drifters )
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