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Meek Mill( Robert Rihmeek Williams )

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Meek Mill( Robert Rihmeek Williams )

Roman Revenge (Freestyle)

I be spittin' fire like a dungeon dragon.
I be spittin' fire like a dungeon dragon.
@ MEEK MILL, follow me bitch.
Don't you spit, girl swallow my ish.
If I had a dollar every model I hit,
And a quarter just for every single bottle I sip,
I'd prolly make the Forbes,
No prolly, it's for sure.
I'm prolly on the tour,
Prolly partyin' some more.
Back stage goin' ham,
Sloppy Toppy On The Floor
I been winnin' whole game,
I monopoly the board.

I'm verified, give me my stamp.
I'm underrated, K. Durant.
My money tell me to get it jumpin,
I play the ramp.
You like pacquio,
You wanna face the champ?

I'm Floyd, in my new toy.
On my way to Boyd,
You lookin like a boy.
And this is abuse, this is the truth.
Treat the mic like my toilet I shit in the booth.
Get so many funny stares,
Hard wrists in the coupe.
On my old school shit just listenin' to SNOOP!
Rollin' down the street,
Gin with the Juice,
Gettin' money now you hate,
This what you do?!

You ever play roulette?
Well this what you do:
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Put a bullet in the gun and put it to you.
You pull the trigger back,
If the hammer don't bang,
You pull that trigger again til you blow out your brain,
You hater!

I'm way past ruthless.
You don't know I'm hot?
You way past stupid!
Everybody know I made my movement.
Why they in Phantom bangin' Maybach Music?
Cause I'm rollin with Ross and Ross rollin' with Splif,
Ain't gotta shoot the vid' to show you we on some shit.
You can look at the neck and tell it glow from the wrist,
I ain't even drop an album, but I'm global as shit.

Shout out to Khaled,
We the best.
Ask the hoes, they gonna tell you he a mess.
Why you dissin' though?
He a stress.
Say the wrong thing,
He gonna need a vest!

I'm gone,
I'm gone, I'm gone.
Sippin' on Patron and Ciroc I'm on.
Killin' this beat,
What the fuck am I doin'?
30 pounds of weed, lookin' like a front lawn!

I got it in,
I got it out.
Who in the buildin'?
Let me shout 'em out...