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Trey Songz

6 Foot, 7 Foot

6'7' niggers ain't as big as me (repeats)

Workaholic I am get it in till you are sick of me
You niggers emotional lot of ass kissery
And I just wanna add to your misery
Jets on the wrong way … go to Italy
Been on smoking on drinking wine on Sicily
Rich feels good if I must say so
Just like the kids I keep play do
Everybody in one stole and I haven't done it
Plus I make your bitch come flow

6'7' here is some
.. with a bear or some
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Keep breathing like a nigger dearest son
I am gone 3 years or some I am getting comfortable here
.. bad bitch ..I've seen this coming
Niggers running ..everybody has hot now went cold
When I come to win it everybody flurry
I am alone and in a hurry
Just wait while eat please
Butterflies …and give me .. maybe not .. keep my voice clean
.. keep my Porsche clean
Bienvenio a miami
We don't have nothing to discuss