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Rascal Flatts

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Rascal Flatts

Better Now

Lyricist:Gregory Becker/Darrell Brown/Busbee
Composer:Gregory Becker/Darrell Brown/Busbee

If i had one call to make
I would dial yesterday and warn myself
Tell my lips the words to say
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Not let you just walk away
With someone else
With someone else

Next time, i wont suffer this kind of pain
Own my mistakes
Not just pass off all the blame
If you were here,we could figure this out
Then i wouldn't be better now

To be the strong and silent one
A lot of good that has done-
Yes, you'd agree
No more tryin' to understand
Guess it's up to me
Yeah, it's up to me

[Repeat Chorus]

I'd be much better off
Much better off, maybe
If i could just let it go
With no regrets then

Next time, I won't suffer this kind of pain
Own my mistakes