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Black Francis( Frank Black )

Sing For Joy

Lyricist:Charles Thompson

Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na

Georgie Porgie used to get real high
He used to kiss the world 'til he made her cry
He was under the bottles command
But last winter he got it together
And happiness came with the warmer weather
Layin' across all the land

He had a love and she liked to drink
She got it together but you know what I think
I think she was still feelin' glum
She got a gun and she shot him in the head
She shot herself and so they were wed
As the air conditioner hummed

Sing for joy
Sing for laughs
Sing for joy
Sing for joy if nothin' else
Sing for joy

Mama killed her pumpkin, she thought it was a sweet
She put it on the table but it was still meat
She forgot the sugar again
Daddy came home, she had tears in her eyes
He said gimme grilled cheese and paper bag trench fries
See he forgot the sugar again

We had a wonder seven years out west
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It wasn't exactly the wilderness
But I felt like it is real light
Mama is a gypsy she'll never find uptown
Daddy went to sea but the boat went down
And the flames shot into the night

Sing for joy
Sing for laughs
Sing for joy
Sing for joy if nothin' else
Sing for joy

I know a girl who lives on a hill
I don't know if her sister will
But I was thinkin' about her best friend
Oh listen to me, I'm a desperate boy
I think I better have a sing for joy
And I think this has just got to end

I'll getaway in my getaway car
Every now and then I'll send my regards
From a pay phone down in the flats
I'm sorry for the love, I'm sorry for the pain
I'll say I'm sorry, baby, again and again
I'm sorry we're joinin' the stats

Sing for joy
Sing for laughs
Sing for joy
Sing for joy if nothin' else
Sing for joy

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