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Album name Release Date  Song    
You Are The Avalanche 2015
1.The Goodness (Provided)
2.Walk Around My House (Provided)
3.King Of My Heart (Provided)
4.Heart Won't Stop
5.Glorious Things (Provided)
Live At The Knight 2015
1.Counting On, Pt. 1 (Provided)
2.Death In His Grave (feat. Bryan Torwalt) (Provided)
3.King of My Heart (feat. Sarah McMillan (Provided)
4.Glorious Things (feat. Sarah McMillan) (Provided)
5.Heart Runs (feat. Katie Torwalt) (Provided)
6.Counting On, Pt. 2 (Provided)
7.How He Loves (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Provided)
The Borderland Sessions 2014
1.Tongues of Fire
2.Silver Shore (Acoustic in New Zealand)
3.Guns Napoleon
4.Counting On (feat. Brady Toops)
5.Heart Runs (feat. Sarah McMillan)
6.Heart Runs
7.Love at the End
9.Future Past (feat. Kim Walker-Smith)
10.Visceral (feat. Ray Dalton) (Provided)
12.Monsters Talk (feat. Bear Rinehart) (Provided)
13.Monsters Talk
14.Holy Ghost
Future / Past (Single) 2014
1.Future / Past
Economy 2011
1.Sheet Of Night
3.Heart Bleeds
4.Love You Swore
5.Murdered Son
6.Who Is This
7.Sins Are Stones
10.Seen A Darkness
The Medicine 2010-09
1.Reckoning Day
2.The Medicine
3.Skeleton Bones
4.Carbon Ribs
5.Dress Us Up
6.Death In His Grave
7.Belly Of The Lion
9.Out Of The Ground
10.Ten Thousand
11.Carolina Tide
12.My Only
13.Between The Cracks
14.How He Loves (Single Version)
1.How He Loves
2.Walking In My Sleep
3.I Am A Temple
4.Kiss Your Feet
5.Ashes And Flames
6.Breaking Down
7.Make You Move
8.London Town
10.Setting Suns
11.Next To You
13.Wilder Love
15.King of My Heart (Live)
16.Heart Won't Stop / Stand By Me (Medley/Live)
17.How He Loves (On the Floor/Live)
18.Love at the End (Live)
19.Borderland (Live)
20.Dancing On the Doors
21.Hold On
22.Counting On, Pt. 2 (Live)
23.Enemy, Love.
24.I Dreamed There Was a Fountain
25.Mercury & Lightning
26.No Country

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