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【 暫存1 】

Album songs:
1.It's Wasn't Me

2.It wasn't me

3.Hot Gal

4.It Wasn't Me (Remix)

5.Mr. Boombastic

6.Freaky Gurl

7.Why My Lord

8.Luv Me, Luv Me'(feat. Janet Jackson)

9.It Wasn't Me'(feat. Ricardo Ducent

10.Strength Of A Woman

11.Hey Sexy Lady'(feat. Brian And Tony Gold

12.It Wasn't Me (Remix)'(feat. Richard Ducent, Nucci, Wiz Dinero)

13.Chica Bontia


15.Hey Sexy Lady

16.Leave Me Alone


18.Strange Love

19.Walking In My Shoes

20.We Are the Ones

21.Hookie Jookie

22.Fly High

23.Wasn't Me

24.Bonus Track 1

25.Why You Mad at Me?

26.Get My Party On

27.Full Control

28.Boombastic (Remix)

29.Shaggy, Where Are You?

30.Jenny - Featuring Budda Junky Swan

31.These Are the Lips

32.Get My Party On (Featuring Chaka Khan)

33.Lost (Featuring Prince Mydas)

34.Keepin' It Real

35.Full Control (Featuring Barrington Levy)

36.Girl You're My Angel

37.Strength of a Woman (Main)

38.Love Me , Love Me

39.My Angel

40.Hey Sexy Lady (Original Sting Intl. Mix)

41.Lucky Day

42.Give Thanks

43.Hope (Dukes Mix)

44.Leave It To Me (Early Mix)

45.Keep It Real (Swingers Mix)

46.Angel (Remix)

47.Shake Shake Shake

48.Boombastic (Album Version)

49.Hey Sexy Lady (Featuring Brian & Tony Gold)

50.It Wasn't Me (Punch Mix)

51.Dance and Shout

52.Girl I Adore

53.Get Up Stand Up

54.Me Julie

55.Oh Carolina [Raas Bumba Claat Version]

56.Fired Up (Fuck the Rece$$ion!)

57.The Only One (Lie to Me) (Provided)

58.She Gives Me Love

59.It Wasn't Me - feat. Ricardo ''RikRok'' Ducent

60.Dame (feat. Kat Deluna)

61.You Girl (feat. Ne-Yo)

62.I Need Your Love (feat. Mohombi, Faydee, Costi)

63.Go Fuck Yourself (GFY)

64.Bad Man Don't Cry


66.Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

67.Strenght of a Woman

68.Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Single mix)

69.Fly High (feat. Gary Nesta Pine)

70.Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid)

71.It Wasn't Me (radio edit)

72.Just Another Girl (feat. Tarrus Riley)

73.Feel the Rush (Samim's Feel the Robidog video remix)

74.Lovin' You

75.Party Every Night

76.I Can't Fight This Feeling

77.Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Original Version)

78.Sexy Lady

79.Like a Superstar

80.Hey Sexy Lady (Bedroom Rockers Radio)

81.Strength Of A Woman (Graham Stack Groove Brothers Radio Edit)

82.Too Hot to Handle

83.Girlz Dem Luv We

84.Jamaican Drummer Boy

85.Party Every Night - [Remix]

86.Church Heathen (Radio Edit)

87.Oh Carolina (radio version)

88.Oh Caroline

89.Feel the Rush (Plastik Funk mix)

90.Feel the Rush (Radio)

91.Fired Up (F*ck The Rece$$ion!)

92.What's Love (feat. Akon) - Radio Edit

93.Dance & Shout (Dance Hall Version)

94.Ready Fi Di Ride (Main Version)

95.Fly High (Radio Edit)

96.Why You Treat Me So Bad (Radio Mix)

97.Boombastic (7'' original edit)

98.Luv Me

99.Hey Sexy Lady (feat. Brian & Tony Gold)