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1 2.Little Bit of This(& Vince Staples) n for war Cause when I come around you be heir to the ground Crack a motherfuckin' smile I'm the man'round the town Frank Lucas mode When out ... Long Beach like CrazyJoe with Mayhem Where we get new wheels from roc
2 5.Hello!!!!! it wrong Cause if I wasn't then maybe you wouldn't unintentionally play me every time that you were playing a song You might've thought the s ... you brain awake to be curious Cause I'm really here on the other side of your speaker And what's standing between us is some wires and a tweeter If you found some ... ouldn't have wrote a rhyme to Cause I can't explain it but I think that's how I got here I heard this beat put it on repeat and copped a squat near The speaker an ...
3 11.Zero Tolerance urder and mayhem'cause I'm worse than you You're lying and I don't believe Your message just so much bullshit You're lying and I have no faith A scab ... uffering the fools Murder and mayhem'cause I'm worse than you I am I am I am I am I am fire I am death and I am fire I am death and Humans kill each other and so often f ... life and I choose Murder and mayhem'cause I'm worse than you I am fire I am
4 3.Questions Jonn Hart-Mayhem EP3.Questions[Intro] Cause I got questions Cause I got questions Cause I got questions Oh I got questions[Verse1] Do you ever think bad if I never saw them texts when we be baby? Do you ever think ... e crazy Did you ever love me? Cause when I was up you knocked a nigga down Did you ever know that you held my heart and then you ripped it out? I know I know I kn ... for answers so where do I go? Cause I got questions I got questions O
5 5.All Them Rumors True Jonn Hart-Mayhem EP5.All Them Rumors True[Verse1] Was a late night she text me'Where you at?' I told her I was leaving work but I got ... in her bed tryna get some oh cause her lips so soft Oh cause this one she my old news I probably hit it every week or two She do everything that you won't do So when we be together know I ... h Be careful what you ask for Cause you don't wanna see my call log Only doing this ... e my call log Only doing this cause we f

6 17.The Gates of Kingdom of Darkness w me near Mayhemed winds showed me the way And now i stay here born from the wolf Scream of pain sounds in Darkness I draw my claws in wall of ... r come Curse me my brothers Because I lead you to death Salvation for mayhemed souls Souls of sons of the nig
7 1.Pounds of Pressure her door Cause he won't leave her alone You bump him one time To show him it's dark during the sunshine Pull out the keys to her crib And tel ... You ain't tell your lady shit Cause you ain't want her concerned With your strap next to your bed ... h your strap next to your bed Cause now you ready to burn4 nights pass You ain't getting good sleep lately You still shaky That look in his eye Was he faking? The ... ass on the floor Sure sign of mayhem The dog barks Runs do
8 7.DIVE rt a tab' Cause you know that a bar bag And only drink my way a step short of the barf bag The wallpaper's peeling and the toilet's a car cras ... e vibe spectacular Morse code mayhem first class rap star Chilling in the bar'bout the size of a cram car'Ey you stepping on my foot' But we don't get hyphy Last ... say my momma raised a bad man Cause ain't no church for me on Sundays Slept outside and woke up trying to sunbathe I lost my mind somewhere in the smoke haze Last ...
9 5.Jailbreak moment of mayhem Built for the key ring open the cages Say hello to a growing equation Woah sounds fantastic no Got a deacon that wants you on ... ng Bye pardon the commotion I caused It was this or a me shaped hole
10 4.Girlfriend gh Always mayhem in the A.M. with you So where are you going girlfriend? And you still won't pick up the phone Location: unknown Where do you ... you cut down making me suffer'Cause my mind ain't my own And you stil
11 4.Girlfriend gh Always mayhem in the A.M. with you So where are you going girlfriend? And you still won't pick up the phone Location: unknown Where do you ... you cut down making me suffer'Cause my mind ain't my own And you stil
12 4.Wobble after the mayhem Baby cause they don't make them like you I hope that you hate them Black[?] I keep'em twerkin' They're workin' that's why they're perfect ... at all my love be guaranteed Cause baby I'll hit the throttle make our way to the grotto Private dancin' in there and Playboy mansion tomorrow It's all free ... ansion tomorrow It's all free cause I agree you make'em weak Talkin''
13 14.YoungJesus e Causing mayhem on the come up like a young apprentice Smoking weed and getting higher then a flight attendant Hip-hop descendant goldJesus o ... t of beef no bread no lettuce Cause I couldn't keep it in my briefs man that's pathetic Fuck all that back and forth this ain't a game of tennis I'll be in my mot ... al Eat wack MCs like Hannibal CauseJoe Pesci's my spirit animal[Hook]
14 11.Mayday l I do it cause I'm the one That's it that's all[Verse2] I never gave up niggas want me to raise up But I'mma kick it'till my fucking flower b ... eneral all from being lyrical Cause how is it that what I'm saying give you a visual? I promise all competition candlelight vigils Quite the individual deliver th ... te the individual deliver the mayhem Like swine born in the springtime I'm borderline psycho When I come up with lines to bite your Fucking face off ya'll ain't t ...
15 1.Magazine Street(feat. Park Ave.) a envious Mayhem and drama It's sick out here teenagers'll jump yo' mama Sucka shit to the fullest by far They'll record you and holler out:'W ... er and her daddy didn't speak Cause when you get your tongue pierced
16 2.Hold On To Ya Soul p yelling cause nobody hear ya screamin' Evil intentions propaganda devilish wars political scandals fight for power Race for madness racist h ... hit me up with his temptation mayhem Don't wanna sell our souls but yet we racin' chasin' After weapon fleshly situations After flesh and deadly situation Don't f ... ) Don't burn in the fire fire cause you wanna climb high up higher Eye to eye with my messiah as I watch my time expire Let me prepare for this battle againts my ...
17 5.Prejudice h Madness mayhem we must desert Prejudice Shame of all nations Breeding hate don't need no segregation If dirty people are all I can see Then ... a nation Breeding hate don't cause annihilation For rea
18 7.Ammonia Tree hey still caused a bunch of mayhem on the Island of the Flies. And
19 8.Mama Said Knock You Out error and mayhem Pass me a sissy and suckas I'll slay him Farmers(WHAT) Farmers(WHAT) I'm ready!(WE'RE READY) I think I'm gonna bomb a Town(GE ... you never ever Pull my lever'Cause I explode And my nine is easy to load I gotta thank God' ... asy to load I gotta thank God'Cause he gave me the strength to rock H
20 9.Like I Can nderstand'Cause he'll never love you like I can can can Why are you looking down all the wrong roads? When mine is the heart and the salt of t ... could be the silence in this mayhem but then again He'll never love

21 9.Thrashed Reality lue Gotta cause some mayhem soon and the model could be you
22 4.Rise Up to the Storm into the mayhem And rise up to the storm Over the crimson horizon There's a future to be found Gonna get my piece of the action There ain't n ... I'd rather be fighting my way'Cause everytime I took a gamble There w
23 3.Never Say Die e floor because what you reap is what you sow what you reap is what you sow get up off your knees to arise everyday a new battle to survive yo ... the timebomb is ticking- your mayhem is near the blood is falling dow
24 10.Delusion Redefined Mayhem10.Delusion remove the time from your mind or choose to use- memories abused create the past- i will qrise the future ... orld- the sickness of my life cause my past is what i am today in pai
25 12.American Horror Story(Ces Cru) law and I caused it all this mayhem Whatever you say when speak is childish crawl in the playpen Everything falls into place and black gloves and a tight grip Si ... rful gotta listen to Darwin Because you like a perfect margin and tha
26 1.Luminescence reating because without the faith you will amount mayhem[?] trust me dog don't make it ha
27 2.Star Spangeld Banner otor City Mayhem: 6,000th Concert2.Star Spangeld Banner O say can you see by the dawn's early light What so proudly we hail'd at the t ... Then conquer we must when our cause it is just And this be our motto:
28 3.Motor City Madhouse otor City Mayhem: 6,000th Concert3.Motor City Madhouse Woh welcome to my town High energy is all around tonight Woh you best beware Th ... do we mount the stage? Gonna cause a mad dog rage Ha ha ha ha ha Woh
29 7.Dog Eat Dog otor City Mayhem: 6,000th Concert7.Dog Eat Dog Sabotage on a downtown street Police cars overturned You can't do nothing to beat the h ... pay up If you want some more Cause if you don't You'll be shot Dog d
30 19.Fred Bear otor City Mayhem: 6,000th Concert19.Fred Bear There I was back in the wild again. I felt right at home where I be-long. I had the feel ... it was good to see him again. Cause in the wind he's still a-live. Oh Fred Bear Walk with me down the trails again. Take me back back where I be-long. Fred Bear I ... -lone or in a hunter's dream. Cause the moment of truth was here and
31 8.Berzerk eds a pad cause my rhymes on the ragJust like I did with addiction I'm'bout to kick it Like a magician critics I turn to crickets Got'em still ... down So turn the volume loud'cause it's mayhem till the a.m. So baby make just like K-Fed and let yourself go let yourself go Say fuck it before we kick the bucket Life's t ... down So turn the volume loud'cause it's mayhem till the a.m. So crank the bass up like crazy and let yourself go let yourself go Say fuck it be
32 8.Berzerk eds a pad cause my rhymes on the ragJust like I did with addiction I'm'bout to kick it Like a magician critics I turn to crickets Got'em still ... down So turn the volume loud'cause it's mayhem till the a.m. So baby make just like K-Fed and let yourself go let yourself go Say fuck it before we kick the bucket Life's t ... down So turn the volume loud'cause it's mayhem till the a.m. So crank the bass up like crazy and let yourself go let yourself go Say fuck it be
33 6.Hip Hop Soldier e hate me'cause I'm not like a hood But you rock heads wish that you could Be a hip hop soldier I'm a hip hop soldier Now let's get one thing ... gun lesson I'm the wizard of mayhem master of destruction Got a44 mag with a blunt instruction Page1 says'Open' page2 says'Feel' Page3 says'Cock' page4 says'Kill ... ip and I ain't takin' no mess'Cause I'm a rough eyegrasser a camouflage dresser My M16 has a flasher presser My Sterling mark six it's funny but it hits It looks ...
34 5.The Bluff(feat. Cam'ron) y pockets cause they saying'cheese' Put up your life we gambling next time we out here scrambling I'm Killah he Wiz but all our checks are Cam ... yin'? Money holds clothes and mayhem Amen! Please have her on her kne
35 1.Mayhem Doctrine aco Jesus-Mayhem Doctrine1.Mayhem Doctrine Cause the problems Blame your targets For the problems Promote riots Themes of violence With insurgents Trigger the clash With attac ... cking amnesia Their vision is mayhem Their mission is mayhem Division through mayhem Mayhem doctrine Execute them Slash'em up to ribbons These instructions Are found on fucking page one We don't explain Surrender or b ... ready or break out the noose Cause we're
36 3.Public Animal#1 aco Jesus-Mayhem Doctrine3.Public Animal#1 I'm the fucking blood and guts Parasitic degenerate The terror of America Public animal num ... animal number one I'm here to cause pain Not to entertain Don't want
37 9.So Many Ways To Kill aco Jesus-Mayhem Doctrine9.So Many Ways To Kill Gore! More fucking gore So many ways to kill a motherfucker Like stringing'em up for a ... ucking agony Unable to scream cause I've punctured both kidneys Plent
38 5.Get Bizy ft. Kurupt& Bad Lucc(Prod. by Terrace Martin) cancerous Cause I ain't got no time to play When I ask you a question answer is the lie where you lay Lay where you die never wake up die wher ... tch is mine Murder methods of mayhem tap or dap up the great Arsenic rapper sodium cacodylate Wizardry misery young Merlin She'll love me I make her walls fall li ... ing And blame it on that lean cause I'm leaning The movie is rated R[
39 3.Endurance of the Mind ffocating mayhem Focus on its weakest point Brave warrior ready to face death for our ... r ready to face death for our cause Reason! This illogic primitive emotions Replenish a rational mind Primordial fear?Jettison that fear! Lips broken in cold imme ... d Find balance in suffocating mayhem Focus on its weakest point Brave
40 9.Shape of the Mind ed Murder mayhem chaos It's the pleasure of my slow decay One way to go When it called I looked back And knew my soul would never return I fol ... e crimes away Sick minds that caused the pollution Ready for new evol
41 1.Chaotic Equilibrium ll change cause We're all the same race Now reach others those who think only of themselves their family and close friends Individualism just ... ible for the actual worldwide mayhem! These countries which fight for
42 6.Eyes Open havoc and mayhem To be in the streets you gotta be a brave man Talk about you comin' up and you the made man ... omin' up and you the made man Cause there ain't telling what these motherfucka'll do Be prepared in case anybody fuck with the crew They was in the club with you ... ) Acting like you untouchable cause you tippin''Til they catch you slippin' and then what you thought seen? Better be on top of your shit when you walkin' through ... Havoc] With me or against me
43 3.Sad Dog veert-Oh, Mayhem!3.Sad Dog Double double Too much toil and trouble On a day like this you cannot be too subtle No we shall not kill bu ... ling War No we shall not kill'cause your ego will She's got the mind
44 8.LoserTrack veert-Oh, Mayhem!8.LoserTrack Don't rely on a thing they say You can always tell when they lie anyway But I wonder what I'm waiting fo ... that you're a friend of mine'Cause you're a friend of mine On a lose
45 10.D.I.Y. veert-Oh, Mayhem!10.D.I.Y. You know why it all comes down to D.I.Y.'Carpe your Diem' It's a part of my being of being alive So I just ... e on a wound that never heals'Cause you know why Rely rely on D. I. Y. Don't be fooled by all the cruel minds It all comes down to D. I. Y. Use it up or wear it o ... t let yourself be compromised'Cause you know why Rely rely on D. I. Y

46 10.It's A Bone Thang(feat. Tanieya Weathington) dy murder mayhem We represent that that's what I'm saying For the love for the soul Soldiers that ride for it I only ride with the ones that'l ... call Pac up Better call Po-po Cause you gonna need back up Puffing on the buddah while I let that money stack up Higher higher higher baby Everybody wonder how th ... it while the getting is good cause that's Bone How many more niggas
47 12.Kill Kill Kill dness and mayhem P.M. to the A.M Stomp like the collector got a collection Of decomposing possessions Talent scout I'm out to find new specime ... op lyin' through the speakers Cause I see directly through you likeJeepers Creepers Creepy got a dumb flow Threatening me? I shit on all you I needs lots of T.P. ... e Michael Meyers with a knife cause I'm a psycho killer Listening to MichaelJackson Thriller I'm a hyper villain I'll smash your fuckin' skull and then say'nighty ...
48 5.Kill and Kill Again Victim of mayhem no! If you knock on the door Entrance can't stop in the end It brings a curse and you're dead And the words you discreet Havi ... 'm not asking for forgiveness'Cause I know where I'll descend I want
49 1.God Of Anarchy ! King of mayhem My hunger turns to more No escape i have your word Die die i am here Oh! This ain't your world It's meant to share No no plea ... broken victims Hope is gone because of you Oh! King of shame Soon you
50 4.Burn l in hell'cause tonight there's no return Make way for the ... 's no return Make way for the mayhem say goodbye to sorrow I'll see you all in hell' ... rrow I'll see you all in hell'cause we're going out tomorrow We're gonna burn The money's all but gone and I got nowhere to go Keep the change ya filthy animal' ... p the change ya filthy animal'cause I don't wanna know I don't care about your stories I don't want to hear your lies I see there is no future when I look in
51 4.Our House as can be Mayhem sickness murder horror These are the kind of words that describe my aura G Rap Ras Kass Kurupt Redman I am cut from that clot ... fuck with it I'm telling you Cause anyone can get dusted as long as production is available I'm disgusted as a fan look how niggas sounding damn Weak head ya'll ... the mic out can't strike out Cause if winning is really my enemy I pull a nine out blow my mind out Is the end of me really serenity? Man in my house it's rap or ...
52 11.Lo Horsemen ' Causin' mayhem in my Lauren as I George Kush the button[Break: Thirstin Howl III] Yeah one L still means nothin' without the other The doubl ... ow and then Always to the end Cause we are the beginning once again L
53 8.Take That e there's mayhem Taxidermy wax a birdie bully in this play pen Zip his belly button to his face In position with the tanks Gotta mention K-9 s ... m that black truckJust ask us cause we in the back With a sack of'dro
54 4.Miami Moon o & Daisy Mayhem-Some Bright Morning4.Miami Moon Oh they could really see me comin' I was a man of grace and passion My blue silk shir ... I would show'em how it's done Cause that Miami moon went down so fast
55 6.Neva Switch just real Cause I done did that did that did that Take that break that ... did that Take that break that mayhem shit ASAP Ace said Get that click clack yeah lay his face at ASAP and I'mma ride on him boy like the race track Why I got so ... I think I'm Kareem Campbell because I never switch I think I'm Kareem Campbell be ... I think I'm Kareem Campbell because I never switch I think I'm Kareem Campbell ... h I think I'm Kareem Campbell cause I never switc
56 4.Get Up u do it because... because we love it more than anything else. That's why you doin' it. You want a real job honey? There are a million things you can do ... ir own Irresponsible youth'll cause a mayhem when they really need a confiden
57 2.Capital Crime r and the mayhem Riding in an old Lincoln no Abraham Putting rappers to sleep like I'm the Sandman Top magician from the money making jam band ... our roll play boy rabbit ears Cause damn right it's on sight Vladimir Cause in a blink of an eye you will be
58 7.The Bluff y pockets'cause they're saying'Cheese!' Put up your life we're gambling next time we're all here scrambling I'll kill it hey Wiz roll on on te ... aying? Money holds clothes in mayhem Hey man please have one and ease
59 6.Props& Mayhem >6.Props& Mayhem Self medicate While they sleep we let the night chase Evil things away And we're like animals homesick from shows We've g ... t we don't even stress at all'Cause we've got poisons in our...(Wasn't in our wall) Come at me with everything you've got. Burst into flames scream in the dark I' ... e? When I'm sober I feel pain'Cause we run under the stars through ce
60 16.Lesson3: Take Shelter! mug you Because they are things that are hard to come by. let me tell you: the world is an evil mashine so... TAKE SHELTER! It is ... ine so... TAKE SHELTER! It is mayhem out there these days the kids ri
61 7.Summer Child e for the mayhem after Here she comes yeah the summer child is running again. It's the stormy season lighting flashes through the air And the ... ing again. Better have a seat'cause you won't run past her. Try to ta
62 12.2+2×2 m backing Cause I ain't really into talking bitch I love the action Yeah he's not about that life man catch him in traffic I'll manually drag ... The same guys on the mic will cause mayhem in a next man's town If one of u
63 10.Mayhem(H.A.M.) ife10.Mayhem(H.A.M.) Make it count Bitch EST that's my team ho Kels EST that's my team ho Let me show you what them EST boys dope Let' ... told me come to the kitchen Because they know I go HAM Go go I go HAM See my tats hallin in ... go HAM See my tats hallin in mayhem Yea bitch cuz that's what I am Mayhem and I've been goin' HAM Somebody
64 1.T.O.R.N.A.D.O. alore And mayhem better brace yourself for it We're the troopers on parade We're the cream in the green berets Making like we're professionals ... ques too low move the decimal'Cause I know my aspect ratio From the get go It's the T-O-R-N-A-D-O It's the T-O-R-N-A-D-O Its' the prototype It's the double strike ... flyJump jump watch me amplify'Cause blowing amps is the master plan S
65 6.Girl Panic! l Chelsey Mayhem and going on to somewhere Yes I was going somewhere A Single Radom meeting with your eyes and now I am beaten. And now I'm go ... his city's strapped around us Cause now I sense your mission is my co
66 7.Those That Don't Know est guess'Cause that's the best you'll get is a guess but no less Smoke in the chest hold it in'til it's in your skin Inhale this hardly smoke ... r you've done talkin' or it's mayhem At the cornucopia doped up the l
67 18.M.O.N.E.Y. it while mayhem is exercising Money is Morpheus and might pay your mortgages Plus the morgue got some more of it That embalmment fluid mergin ... money is the root of evil? Because when you got too much of it here comes the root and evil So tell me why money keeps you satisfied Do it keep food on your tabl ... money always on your mind? Because the less fortunate don't have money all the time Why money got niggas out there doing time? ... niggas out there doing time? C
68 2.Chaos& Mayhem >2.Chaos& Mayhem I got the message from you It left me blackened and blue All I need is what I have Yes I know that must sound bad But I s ... ow we're burning up in flames'Cause I'm a jumped-up punk generator Chaos and ... d-up punk generator Chaos and mayhem instigator Don't like to work I just like to dream Ain't gonna sing'God Save The Queen' I'll give it ten minutes more And the ... could it be that I'm a liar?'Cause I'm a jumped-up punk generator Chaos and .
69 10.World Of Fear ves drama mayhem he aim with the[unverified] Billy the kid young gun he's a gladiator Ain't afraid of anyone you can pass the hater Punks jump ... ther dayJust got his passport'cause he knows the feds is on they way
70 2.Garfield ob Sonic] Mayhem of mosaic Passaic river of guppy grief ... Passaic river of guppy grief Cause and effect to the timid limb of y
71 1.Stand The Pain ll murder mayhem This place is god for say cause so many faces try to(?) So many to die to fame ... to(?) So many to die to fame cause they try to grind and stay up But what did the ravel rainstorm came without a weather Everything is a matter of me and keeping ... erse2: Somebody come catch me cause I'm fallin' I'm cool though I'm all one These critical times are making the physical bight is making me mention the blight Try ... pride This(?) follow the lie cause(!
72 7.Brace Yourself(1997 Version) chaos and mayhem and co-rock a party until the AM... Wake up to murderous days and horrified nights[?]that's why I stay true down with the hea ... time for the competitions aid cause I finally got a chance to test my
73 18.EMJ owest day cause you not here... I miss you my nigga Love you MJ'[Verse4: Dernz] I seen a cruel bitch met her in Reno Nevada She'll have you li ... ntill he remembers Hi powered mayhem MJ Mayday's7th member.[Verse6: Stevie Stone] Remember like it was yesterday show up in reno Off of the bus and to off a bourb ... no more left right that wrong cause it don't go left Right this song
74 1.Steal The Show g There's mayhem in the pit Bodies are flyin' to the left and the right But nobody gives a shit ... right But nobody gives a shit Cause this is rock'n' roll And this is
75 9.A Voice In The Dark fields of mayhem I will find no relief It's just a dream I wish that I could tell you The vision fades There is no sanctuary What will go up S ... rom everywhere'Now find a way Cause you're the key Begin to understan
76 11.Catch Me If You Can ight have caused My fault Guess I'm just not the girl you thought I was. I'm all about chances madness and ... all about chances madness and mayhem Try to sit still now I miss the
77 7.Not Afraid I say'em Cause ain't no way I'm let you stop me from causing ... let you stop me from causing mayhem When I say'em or do something I do it I don't give a damn What you think I'm doing this for me so fuck the world Feed it bean ... is get back click-clack BLAOW Cause I ain't playin' around There's a game called circle and I don't know how I'm way too up to back down But I think I'm still try ... lift a single shingle lonely Cause the way I feel I'm strong enough to go
78 8.The Small Of Your Back(The Blizzard) nd Gretel'Cause God only knows how cold it's getting And by his design he must know we're starving Don't curse it don't work you'll be cursed ... rk you'll be hurt for hurting'Cause now our credits are rolling the bells they are tolling It's getting more colder it's apropos I'm certain it's curtains it's cu ... acts of what I can only call mayhem We're not willing to change we're not willing to try We're the'good enough guys' When the ship comes in he's gonna be there w ...
79 7.All Of The Time on't mind'cause I am who I am and I did what I did All of the time I'm falling into this ... he time I'm falling into this mayhem But I don't mind'cause I get what I deserve I'm not really thinking Not really making plansJust rolling onto the hidden tracks And taking it as it co ... se daydreams Hey I don't mind'cause I am who I am and I did what I did And all of the time I'm falling into this ... he time I'm falling into this mayhem But I don't mind'cause
80 6.Monty Flython k night Because something happens to the air it is electric Thus it is no accident that we are on some next ish Everybody sleeping abandoning ... at's marching towards madness mayhem on a planetary scale Now you could jot your own page Canterbury Tale Or watch from your homemade sanitary jail But yo how I s ... and I will sever those doubts Cause there's one thing I ain't afraid
81 1.Froze Prose your coat cause I'm so cold You better run and find some shelter I'm so darn cold hearted To hot to handle to cold to hold[Verse2:~J.J. Brown~ ... oot at the night spot A willy cause I'm Cool Hand Luke but my dice hot Frosty as the Rockies y'all just photo copies Warm until exposed the way Sodom broke the Na ... I hope you know a polar bear Cause you gonna need a coat this storm I hear it's pretty cold in thereJeah I'm freezin' it's top season for frost season Up oxygen ...
82 15.Deathmurdermayhem eathmurdermayhem[Chorus] Death murder and mayhem Push me to the brink and they got me debating Death murder and ... me debating Death murder and mayhem Now I want to go outside and paint the pavement Death murder and ... the pavement Death murder and mayhem Push me to the brink and they got me debating Death murder and ... me debating Death murder and mayhem Now I want to go outside and paint the pavement[Verse1] I heard my hood was a joke to y'all I used
83 7.Roughnecks retarded cause the moment my music bump your pussy ass farted Ha! That's how hard I hit Call it collision effect to make you player haters si ... s New millenium nigga bringin mayhem My slave rap is for real games I
84 7.The Light You Burned for this mayhem Now you're passing your ass out to artists for replacements I know it's harder to father than to make friends But you see I'm ... t to pay rent And you laughed cause my heart was in the basement Neve
85 1.Apocalyptic Havoc s of this mayhem cast out loud A timeless torture foretold in a sky of black Torn souls from the mold of flesh and bone Hordes of plague in th ... ers of this carnage Confusion caused in the spread of horror The answ
86 11.Quiet Dog Bite Hard istresses'Cause I entrants and simple men there it is boogie man Simmer down simmer down simmer down now Simmer down now simmer down now simme ... ent Simmer down I manage your mayhem I'm bright as the AM And you're
87 17.Microphone Murderer erer mass mayhem maker B.I.G.'s on the mic call the undertaker Make an appointment schedule an interview Be ... tment schedule an interview Because you know what big man's about to do50 Gran' on the technic at the right peak Brothers wanna hear the words big man speak The m ... ze the pedigree Rhyme is mine'cause I said it's me Step to a big man grippin' the mic stand Keep a bankroll and so do50 Gran' And I give you my hand' ... Gran' And I give you my hand'cause you de
88 8.Rock'n Rollin' gin' Me I cause hysteria I am Def Leopard My mind is Disturbed you cannot dissect it I deliver ... u cannot dissect it I deliver mayhem but music is my method I am Van Halen eruption Plus I got a healthy appetite for destruction let's go Rock'n' rollin' rock'n' ... That was never concerning me'Cause money make it the Green Day Tecca Nina made it to the grip spot They lookin' at me with a Slipknot I get to trippin' they go a ... For my warrant for my arrest'cause I fli
89 7.Coffee's For Closers love the mayhem more than the love. And oh baby when they made me they broke the mold Girls used to follow me around then I got cold. Now fly ... ameras in the air and wave'em cause i just don't care fly your cameras in the air and wave'em ... ameras in the air and wave'em cause i just don't care I will never be
90 4.Hood Nursery treets is mayhem cops is aiming at our playgrounds Looks like a grave now I'm out in a Greyhound Gotta escape this life in the cages With hund ... out papers going out of state'cause Cop thieves and hustlers welfare
91 10.Solitary Confinement tion it's mayhem' Alive on arrival I'm stayin' It's called survival and only strong survive Melle Mel got live and crime never stop payin' The ... hit I'm audi I'm on a mission'cause if I stay I'll go crazy
92 4.Hood Nursery treets is mayhem cops is aiming at our playgrounds Looks like a grave now I'm out in a Greyhound Gotta escape this life in the cages With hund ... out papers going out of state'cause Cop thieves and hustlers welfare
93 19.DVNO d in gold'cause details make the girls sweat even more while they're shaking their belt no need to ask my name to figure out how cool i am[ref ... d make you clap to this Is it mayhem or just an ego trip Only one can win And soon you'll say'that's him' D-V-N-O Four capital letters printed in gold ... pital letters printed in gold Cause details make the girls sweat even more While they're shaking their belts No need to ask my name to figure out how cool I am D- ... pital lette
94 10.Minimum Wage Slave t I can't Cause running through my mind is murder sawed offs panic and ... s murder sawed offs panic and mayhem You don't wanna wake this beast I curl up tight under my sheets But Chick McGee on my alarm reminds me that I can't sleep So ... hoes look for my black frames Cause I gotta see so I can make pizza and sell you nerds video games These nerds think that I live the dream free pizza and free PSP ... l taste success in the future Cause what you hear is so damn swee
95 10.Gun For The Whole Family ed you up'Cause bumper cars are only funny when they bump(Know that) Hot summer gun or box-cutter slow dance popcorn popcorn Hot summer gun or ... s all day to die innovate the mayhem with grace The good form fall fu
96 9.The Palladium the pits'cause this chick thought she was the shit My homey Kay said let's go Ahmad ain't even fadin' it y'all'coz it's cool at the Palladium ... roads causin' havoc Havoc and Mayhem both straight from the west coast Most of the dancers are housers Some are few freaks freakin' guys playin' to get laid this ... s chick she's on my testicles'Cause Ahmad is the God I don't test no hoes I just maintained and step in the vestibule Be reminiscent of disses I'm throwin' body b ...
97 7.Concentrate Mind over mayhem no mistakes Lift some weights eat some steaks But you don't really want that face to face But let's relax check your traps Do ... trol Participate congratulate Cause everything else'll be seen as hat
98 12.Hello Conscience ience'Cause it's alright To go out at night and forget who you are Alright Then it's up in the morning and back to the start Hello Conscie ... with you You've been causing mayhem for much too long And these mixed emotions are much too strong I hear you got a problem with the way I am But loneliness neve ... y head high and say good luck'Cause it's alright To go out at night and forget who you are Alright Then it's up in the morning and back to the start It's alright ...
99 3.The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living delivery Mayhem text's me about the press and TV See if I've taken any ES so I can get some sleep Nap on the settee the laptop next to me Win ... rted up We've spent a fortune'Cause with ghost buying It's the end fo
100 9.Hotel Expressionism jury real mayhem The fine art of hotel expressionism Pen a sentiment with the kettle and condiments Compose your mood using the soap and your ... re separate to some acid trip'Cause rock and roll is fuckin' old The group of girls your zone in on Have to be on their own there and pissed But you have a proble ... nism is his own form of art Because with normal art someone usually The artist they pour out their heart But it's worth is decided by committee And has to obey th ...

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