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July 16th

Lyricist:Giveon Evans, Cameron Joseph, Caleb
Composer:Giveon Evans, Cameron Joseph, Caleb

It's only been fourteen days
And already adore the way you are to me
I wanna ignore and take it slow
'Cause I know where this can go
Movin' too fast until we crash
I've been down this road before

Day thirty-one, still havin' fun
Together everyday, think that's enough
Sorry girl, that came off wrong
Just tryin' not to fall in
Again, again, I'm not listenin' to myself
This predicament I'm in, goin' too fast, it won't end well
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Six months in, time really flies
Feels like yesterday when I met you in July (July)
I can't even lie, it may be too soon to say it
But it's on mind, but it's on my mind
Will you say it back to me (Back to me)
You said it back to me (Oh, no)
Oh, I can't ignore
Movin' too fast, I've been down this road before

(Oh, I can't ignore)
(Movin' too fast, I've been down this road before)
(Give Or Take)