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In the fire he was born
By the hands of Ifesto
A copper giant called Talos

He had a mission to fulfill
To guard the land of the Minoan King
No one enters now, he's a mighty shield

All the time he patrols
Waiting foreign ships to come
No emotions run into his mind

Giant rocks he throws
Spreading death into the sea
No one enters, that's his destiny

All alone he stands, one of his kind
Never talks, he cannot lie

In his veins runs lead
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With his wings he flies away
And his body of metal
Shining in the night

Through the storm
A fast ship comes along
Named as Argo years ago
All the heroes come
With the evil Media
A cunning sorcerer and a witch

Casting spells upon the metal beast
His end is close, he cannot see

In his veins the lead
With his wings he flew away
And his body of metal
Shining in the sky