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The Hempolics( Hempolics )

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The Hempolics( Hempolics )

Black Flower

Long stem 16 petals
So heavy so deadly
Rip through metal
I could protect & serve
Or I could get on your nerves
Like the devil I burn
Quickest way things get settled
The hustling kids in the ghetto
Clips and barrels
I'm the reason you lose a winning battle
Stay in the midst of the shadows
I go boom barrap
'pon your waist I'm straddled
I clear rooms
How 'bout that
Chase touch & I shatter
In the clutch in my hand
I fear no man
Taking over's my plan

Flower now a clap
Like a general crash, I want killah
Flower now a clap
Like a general crash
I want killah you know
Flower now a clap
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Like a general crash
I won't killah (have mercy)
Me say me want something
Cause me haafi want something

I dont need water to grow
Just bullets that blow
And lead to get full
I touch & deceive millions
Villains, men, women & children
Find me anywhere in ghetto streets 'pon
Drug dealers, on waster police
I can bring war or peace
I shed blood when there's beef
I'm god not a leaf
Try me & i'll show you i live
You cant escape me
I'm everywhere like god is
I eat hollow-points and teflon
I'm good in the right hands
But deadly in wrong
Takin' overs the plan
But deadly 'n wrong