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Dizzy Sunfist

No Answer

There is no answer
It's not a time to even doubt
Only black or white and no between
You should know what is best
So be sure of yourself
I know that you can
It's the only way

So do what you think is alright
Cause that's just what life is about
Don't wonder why, don't be surprised
Can't you just have fun

Look around and see(look and see)
Is that what you wanna do
You can decide, you got your pride
Bigger than you think
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That's enough too

Break out!
Rise up!
Get out!

You're the one who can make change
There's no answer all the time
When you turn around you'll know
The right way to go
All the roads you took before
They were perfect now you know
I know that you can
It's the only way