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Condemnation (Torrent Vaccine Contamination)

You're condemned to repeat the solitary beat.
You march along to the song of a thousand weary feet.
A thousand miles ahead, we leave a thousand behind,
a thousand tiny blips on a huge timeline.
When we look back what do we see?
The same old cracks filled with the same old greed.
The same old hacks and the same old thieves,
the same human nature we are condemned to repeat.

You're condemned to defeat what it comes to making peace
between the world upon our backs and the world down at our feet.
While the old worlds burned in the fires of our haste.
We chart a brand new course to undiscovered waste.
With our eyes to the sky, it's time to question why that the truth remains,
things don't change they stay the same.
With the tools we've made the technology
and trade we're unable to replace the ugliness we face.

You're condemned here beneath the general decay,
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there is little left and precious less to pay.
So we turn our cheeks, join in the cries of the meek.
We gave away our hold on the values we've been told.
In a world of souls, time is the only toll.
That we spend away every single waking day.
Now that times are fierce it's more than blades that pierce.
I'd say we've come a long way if I wasn't here today.

The time will come when we can celebrate,
when we can raise our hands together denigrate.
The greed, need, fear, theology and hate
that invokes control, manipulates the whole.
The day will come when we can take our time,
when we can close our eyes and see the world shine.
When condemnation takes away
what we think we need to make it through the day.