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Laura Michelle Kelly

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Laura Michelle Kelly

There Was a Time

Never before had I felt so safe
I'd open my eyes to see you lying there
So insecure I felt just like a fake
How could anybody really care
Care for me care to see
I don't like knowing where I started

There was a time I was a lonely highway
One of the lights they pass like ghost who came up close and stayed
There was a time you always had the answers
Your words spun like dancers with my pride I pushed your words away

Regardless of where I was and what I said
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Look what this front of mine had led me to
Now I can see just how far how far you have gone
I understand you would have taken me with you
And you knew all along you were in the right and I was wrong

Chorus again

The past has such a hold on me
So where do I belong now
If I could go back there and do it all again