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Laura Michelle Kelly

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Laura Michelle Kelly

Private Party

Gimmi me a hotel,
Gimmi me a motel,
Gimmi me a vacancy,
Gimmi the space now,
Out of my face now,
Do not disturb me.

I'm ripping of my collar,
I'm gonna hoot and hollar,
I'm gonna have a bit of fun,
I'm gonna dance all the night.

I love a private party,
No bodies invited,
cause thats what I decided.

I've got the time to make me,
So even I would date me,
I think I'm gonna kiss me,
I'll leave and then I'll miss me,
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I'm using all the shampoo because you told me not to,
I might do things I've never done,
I'm gonna take the towels and run.

Love a private party,
No bodies invited,
Cause thats what I decided.

I'm gonna raid the bar fridge,
I'm gonna hog the bed now,
I'm gonna play my music,
I'm gonna play it loud now.

And I love a private party,
No bodies invited,
I'm turning down the light,
It could get quite excited,
I'm turning out the lights now.