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Jacquees feat. Dej Loaf

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Jacquees feat. Dej Loaf

No Better Love

I'm not like your other man
I'm not like your other man (No I ain't)
Fuck with me when you can (Dej)
I'm more than just a friend

[Verse 1: Jacquees]
Let's turn the page
Show me the real Dej
I'm more than my age
Let's start a new wave
Girl I want you more
And everything you come with
Girl I'll give you what you missed
I say we start with a kiss
I wanna make good love, oh yeah

[Hook: Jacquees]
When I'm inside you're traumatized you girl I'm danger
When I'm inside you're paralyzed yeah I'm dangerous
Oh, there's no better love (love)
Let me break you off, you off
Say I'm all that you want, baby

[Verse 2: Dej Loaf]
Come and get with me
Come get me I'm tipsy
We usually drink dark but tonight we on whiskey
And he wanna, uh
Got him in his feelings
I might wanna, uh
I need that sexual healing
Woah, we been on a mission
Been a long time
Show me what I'm missing
Oh I know you got bitches
Get rid of yours
Get rid of my all niggas
And no, they don't gotta know
How we lace it, how we kick it
Rub my back and kiss it
Smack my ass and grip it
Deep deep keep pushing
Round and round he lick it
Handcuffed to the bed
Feeling like I'm in prison
I knew he had that work
He ain't off no Perc
Got the boy going crazy

[Verse 3: Jacquees]
Don't gotta show me how it goes
Let you make the rules
(I'll play my role)
Got your mind in the right place
Fucking you sideways
(Make love in the driveway)
I'll give you all of me yeah

[Hook: Dej Loaf & Jacquees]
When you're inside me traumatize me boy you're danger
When you're inside me paralyze me boy you're dangerous
I'ma fuck you all on the stairs
(There's no better love, no better)
No better love
(Let me break you off, you off)
Say I'm all that you want baby
Say I'm all, all
Give me all