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Bloods & Crips

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Bloods & Crips

Steady Dippin'

Smooth baby
Steady dippin'
For the muthafuckin' 9-3
But you don't hear me though
Straight everyday bangin'
Slangin' you know what I mean?
They hoo-ride, steady dippin'

Back into my neighborhood, stop at daytime
Get a bag of chips and a dollar whine
Roll down Greenleaf, make a left on Caress
Fire up the endo, can't fuck with the stress
Hangin' out with my niggas (fire up the bud, Cuz)
Sittin' in my '4
With fingers on the trigger
Always ready for some set trippin'
That's why I'm dippin' and dappin', crippin' and dippin' never catch me slippin'
Checkin' out the bitches (what's up bitch?)
Raise up the phone
And fuck with the switches
Front back
And pause on threes
Rag Top Four
Sittin' on them D's
Checkin' ass for the big booty one (damn, she got?)
Mackin to the skunk and let her ride shotgun
Roll by the park
And check the niggaros
Straight-up Crips and? G rolls (what's up Cuz?!)
Checkin' out the niggas from hangin' like nuts
Even when One-Time pulls up
One-Time'll get checked like a bitch
White boys in his niggas' click (biiitch!)
Move on before you can't pass
And Awol 3rd'll come back to hurt your ass
You ain't gon' change a goddamn thang
The plan is simple cause thangs don't change
When you're gone (Shit ain't changed Cuz!)
We still be crippin'
And makin' cash money
Steady dippin'

'the underground is moving thangs'
'ho's and players they gettin drunk and off that bud'

Even Boyz N Tha Hood went do or die
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Them Crips is rollin' deep and I'm slidin' niggas just drivin' them?
That's why I got to beat a Snoop, I gots to have my 9
My? in my muthafuckin' Coupe
In my Caddy hittin' corners, hit the switches, droppin'? move niggas by my Tec
Like a bitch
6-0 Rollin deep murderin' them 20's Crenshaw Mafia
I kill them good and plenty
C-Note is the muthafuckin' G-Bitch
I got my grip tap down in my cleavage
And if a nigga wanna get I got my steel deep yet
Tap down, where the muthafuckin' pussy at
Hit a 'Ru nigga cause I gots him in the? prove?
Take him to a motel and pull a muthafuckin' jack move
Me become a Slob? Aw, never! Peep
'Note: a muthafuckin' Crip forever

'...Rick, sucking every John's dick
come short of the money, get your ass kicked'
'who's tha mack?'

Now what's up with your bitches when I break you off
If I don't stick the dick then you begin' then you wanna take me off
And tell my bitch how I fucked you on the floor
I didn't tell you about the dick that's shot in your throat?
Cause you're nuthin' but a salt shaker
Cause the dick that you're gettin' is a faker
I know it's like
Once you pass the chronic you don't want that sissy sess
That's why you let me fuck your clit, playing pussy with your best friend
It wasn't a game of football but I hyped it
And just like Mikey, guess what? She liked it!
Ask what could a coochie said
Anything you wanna
We? you best believe I ripped it on her
And let's? spray? from my Mac - I? aimin' them
When hundred ho's and they mad cause I'm claimin' one
But I don't give a fuck cause I'm bustin'
Your sister and your pregnant-ass cousin and I'm still bustin'

'She started to beefin' I said bitch I ain't playin''
'It ain't like you're my woman, you know what I'm sayin?'
'Got inside, got to spankin' on the ass'
'Her engine got hot, she starts movin' real fast'