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The Key of Awesome

'HUMBLE' Parody of Kendrick Lamar's 'HUMBLE'

Are you there Jesus?
You gotta see this
Ow! Ow!

I'm about to make Big Sean and Drake
Eat doo doo sandwiches
I'm the young Pope of hip hop
But I'm more woke than Francis is
Diane Keaton is one of my most favorite actresses
I cannot remember whose HBO Go account this is
K dot sounds so weezy you might think I am a Jefferson
When I spit that fire you retired like Dave Letterman
So many run-on sentences I run out of etceteras
Don't act like we're friends
With friends like you guys who needs enemas?
Someone stole my bike so I stole someone's tricycle
It's a pain to ride but I look quite adorable
This is how the world looks through that eyehole in the door
Feel like I'm in a fishbowl
Maybe that is the metaphor
You rhyme just like a child

Welcome to charm school
Your manners are vile
Pay attention cause this will be on the final
It's stuff you shoulda learned in high school
Bitch, don't mumble
Hold up, fix that shirt
Iron it, it's rumpled
Autotune's bullshit
Don't rap with your mouth full
Sound it out
Take out the marbles
Thumbs down
Smells like something's cooking
Someone's Bbq'ing salmon
This is not the stage I wanted to play on burning man
Rhyme's so fire, they got my brain damaged
Is it still cool to do the ice bucket challenge?
I'm so bleeping sick of censorship and Photoshop
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That's easy for you to say
When will the double standard stop?
Flash that natural ass a lot
It's fuzzy like an apricot
Sure, I'll get to that
As soon as you get off that apple box
Black turtleneck sweater, ay!
I'm an innovator, ay!
A Steve Jobs cosplayer, ay!
Get these bees away from me
I'm allergic to them, ay!
Does anyone have some raid?
What do straight horses eat? (Hay!)
And they read 'Fifty Shades of Neigh'

This la Croix, that yoga pant, that Malcolm Gladwell, Tina Fey
Listing stuff that white people love so they will not click away
That's enough fast rappin' for you bastards
Now it's time to play some password
The english dollar would be called
A pound!
Bryant's brother
Greg Gumble!
Axl Rose once sang, 'Welcome to...'
The Jungle!
In his early films, Hugh Grant always acted
You store things in
The cloud!
Not a wizard, but
A muggle!
A show about the queen
The Crown!
Drake dances like a
Drunk uncle!
Big Sean is talking out of
His bunghole!