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The Key of Awesome

Electronic Wuss

Electronic wuss...

It seems like a silly choice
For a grown man to use this voice
The Postal Service did it first
I sound like them but 10 times worse

A cloud pooped out a rainbow turd
I'm just singing random words
I make songs with bleeps and bloops
I sometimes write with apple loops

Electronic wuss
Electronic wuss
I sound like a total puss
The oceans constellations make me cry

Swimming in a lemon creek
Tadpoles tickle my butt cheeks
A bearded nun flies through the sky
I wrote this song when I was high

I make love to birds and bees
And masturbate to redwood trees
A dragon's balls will drop today
A centaur screams Hip Hip Hooray!

Electronic wuss
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Electronic wuss
Let's all smoke some purple kush
Prepubescent girls think I'm so deep

My sitting posture is really bad
Holy crap, here comes my dad

Your mother and I are trying to get some sleep

I asked the strongman in the sky
Why do donuts have to die?
I had a dream the other night
That Elmo and I got in a fight

I couldn't make my punches land
I noticed I had lobster hands
Then a snake wearing a vest
Said, did you study for the test?

What test?

I woke up and I wrote this tune
It's going to get me tons of poon
Come ride with me in my sensitive balloons

Turn that goddemned Casio off and go to bed!