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Game of Pay Thrones

watching Game of Thrones
I haven't left home told everyone that I had the flu
it's an obsession, I'm filled with depression
cus it's the end of season two
now, my, friends all tell me that I've lost, my grip on real-i-ty they tell me it's just a nerd show but dragons are real to me someday those dragons will be grown Daenerys will be my queen and when we reclaim the throne
you won't be allowed in our house
don't call me at nine on a sunday night
I don't care who died
I'm filling my mind with sword fights and quests,
horse lords and incest when Ned died I cried
watching Game of Thrones it's like a black hole
wanna kill Joffrey with his own shoes
magical kingdoms with naked women
and none of them have silicone boobs

and if the seven kingdoms, did exist
I would drink and party with that imp
viserys had gold poured on to his head
he's no fucking dragon now he's dead
I'll sick my dierwolf on ya
if you get in my way
he's actually a chihuahua
but he'll still rip off your face
I only leave my apartment
to put the rent in the mail
that's right I still pay my bills,
cuz Lannister's repay their debts
I'm joining the Knights watch
it's my birthright
I'll stand guard for white-walkers in the snow
this wall kind of blows no hot girls,
just bros and old crusty guys
watching Game of Thrones
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I feel bad for John Snow
it seems like he's always getting screwed
gave up on Mad Men cus, nothing happens
except for when Don's wife sang Zou bisou
the Lannister's all look like surfer dicks
Jamie banged his sister she's a bitch
no one knows that King Joffrey's their kid
except for maybe Peter Dink-a-lage
this is his best role (rap)
This is nothing but nerd shit you better get a damned grip and go outside and get some fresh air
get your fat butt un-stuck from that chair ain't a dragon slayer just a loser in your underwear
wait a second did i just see a pair of boobs if you don't mind imma chill for a few with you,
dude why is that girl pretending she a boy yo?
oh shit that witch just gave birth to a cloud of smoke
how did that hot naked blond chick survive the fire
isn't that Mayor Carcetti from the Wire?
I apologize for being so shitty before
this show is Lord of the Rings but with titties galore
but I'm not sure who I'm supposed to root for
I like Rob Stark, but I like the dwarf more
call my manager and cancel my tour
I gotta read A Storm of Swords
Oh, Theon Greyjoy,
you were a nice boy til you had those two kids barbequed
winter is coming I'm not sure what that means
but you can bet it's probably bad news
I'm not playing music anymore
from now on you can just be Maroon 4
next time they do The Voice I won't be there
Tell Ceelo his cat can have my chair
cus I'm stuck in Game of Thrones