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Katie Tropp

BlaQ on the Inside (Intro)


Step into my world homie if you dare,
I'm bout ta set it off straight into your ear,
I'm outta control, I am your worst nightmare,
What you bout ta figure out is I'm something you should fear,
My mind ain't right I'm not emotional,
I'm known to be a bitch and I'm oh so cold,
My violent side is usually kept on the low,
But if you bring it out I might slit your throat,
Everything about the human race makes me wanna vomit,
So I keep to myself and try to move beyond this,
Bullshit that you all about you know I'm always honest,
Stay true to myself always keep my promise,
Straight up and to the point don't beat around the bush,
Even though you think I'm a dyke because I don't live by your book,
Of stupid fuckin rules on how a woman should look,
Or act, or even think, yeah I'm misunderstood,
Society needs to get fucked in the ass,
Because you're all a bunch of insecure down low fags,
Scared of what people think so you just put on an act,
But on the inside you hate yourself there's something wrong with that,
Beaten in your brain to suppress who you are,
All in the name of some phony ass God,
Who was prolly thought up by some dumb fuck,
Who raped all the women and told them this is love,
I take what I want then throw it away,
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Have some more children for the Priest to rape,
Throw up a Hail Mary, get on your knees and pray,
Preach fear and propaganda every single day,
Oppress all the women, brainwash all the children,
Make sure that they all fit the perfect fuckin image,
And if they don't you will never be forgiven,
Even though the Preacher doesn't practice what is written,
Hypocrisy in its truest form is what it's about,
And if you disagree better shut your mouth,
Because if you don't speak of it that means it didn't happen,
If this is what it's all about don't wanna go to Heaven,
Sluts on a pole all dancing around,
Schemin up their next plot of who to use now,
Take that sloppy pussy pass it around town,
Do these bitches know they be lookin like clowns?
Then they be cryin because they ain't treated right,
But you gotta respect yourself that's half of the fight,
If you hold yourself high,
Maintain your pride,
Then the rest will come along like you ain't even tried,
How do I know? Because I'm bout dat life,
And I get mad respect from many guys,
And I don't suck dick for a free ride,
Just know I'm Katie Tropp and I'm...