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Roddy Frame

For What It Was

When I want to kill the lights on this lack of make believe,
saying it's not right for me
And I say give me back my road, with its lack of common sense
and the sense that anything could be
Wish my heart was wide awake to every second spent together
Then I would surely see tonight for what it was
And try not to see what it could be

Though I know that only love can set you free
When it falls to me, I'm not the best example
And if the prophets knocked my door with all that heaven held in store,
I'd probably ask to see a sample
But I can feel you in my arms, right here on earth
And it's like I'm with an angel
That's when you wish I'd see the life that you've lived for what it was
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And not just what I want to see

Wish my unhappiness could be addressed and sent
To all the rootless, fruitless hours that I have spent in dreams

And if we woke up and we found that all we shared had been a dream
and the bell had rung to bring us round
I couldn't bear the pain that would cause,
'cause I love you more than anything I've ever found
But if love had ceased to grow and you had to go
And take your time away from me
I hope I'd love the precious time that we had for what it was,
turn on the light and set you free