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Informative Broadcast

Nowdays the amount of EDM genres has gotten somewhat out of hand.
That's why here at Klaypex headquarters
we've decided to create this informative broadcast
the help alleviate some of the confusion.
So fasten your seatbelts, we're about to start.

Immersing in 2013 with artists such as Will Sparks, The Chainsmokers and Deorro
this genre was launched into its popularity
with hit song like Selfie
and signature off beat bass gives it its bouncy wibe.
This is Melbourne Bounce.

Starting with songs like Epic by Sandro Silva back in 2010,
our next genre quicly become a festival favorite,
driven by smash hits such as Tsunami by DVBBS
and Animals by Martin Garrix,
this genre exploded in 2013 drawing massive crowds
and even reaching radio stations across the globe.
With its bass heavy kick drums and huge reeses sound like they are in a large room,
there's no confusion about how this genre got its name.
Find more lyrics at ※
This is Big Room House.

How to know if you're a fake DJ.
Number one: You have the mic in your hand more often than the mixer.
Number two: You spend more time picking out your outfits than learning to DJ.
Number three: Somebody else DJs for you.
Number four: You're Paris Hilton.

The following genre started as a form of urban music in the late 90s
but didn't make it's way into EDM until 2012.
With songs like Baauers' Harlem Shake
it's categorized by its 808s and infectious snare rolls.
This is Trap.

Hope you enjoyed our informative broadcast.
Please let us know what other genres you'd like to hear about for our next episode.
Thanks for tuning in.