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Jeff Rosenstock

Little Blue Pills

Little blue pills
Bottles of codeine lying
On the shelf at dawn.
Sleeping soundly
With traffic gently humming
Down the boulevard.

I hate the morning light
Because with every night
A little earlier
It seems to get too bright
It squeezes through the blinds
Dissolves into my eyes
And I hate the sunny side.

Calling good friends
And calling total strangers
Meet me at the bar.
Throw the card down
And leave the fucker open
Like I turned twenty-one.

And when it's dark inside
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I'll take a taxi ride
Down to the eastern side
Before it gets too bright
I pull the curtains down
I let my head spin round
And my ears ring over the sound.
My ears ring over the sound.

I upped the dosage and cleared my bank account 'til everything was gone.
Now the circles around my eyes grow wider.
The lights are always on.
And every single night
I hold the covers tight
Until I toss and turn
And see the creeping light
I turn things off and on and on and off and on.

And I sleep for fifteen minutes like an infant 'til alarm clocks buzz
Through the cracks of the windows from the neighboring apartment until I wake up
So I'll slip next paycheck into bottles brown and amber 'til it's all gone
So I'll sleep next paycheck with the fitful fucking terror 'til it's all gone.