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Horseshoe G.A.N.G.

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Horseshoe G.A.N.G.

Chillin' With My Noccas

[Hook:Kenny Siegel]
Wh-wh-what's the word yo?
Me and my posse thicker than a fur coat (thicker than a fur coat)
Deeper than ya birds throat
Nerds know, we don't fuck with them from the word go
Chillin' with my noccas, chillin' with my noccas
I be chillin' with my noccas, chillin' with my noccas
Find me chillin' with my noccas, chillin' with my noccas
Probably (smoking on some purp or sipping on some vodka)

[Verse 1: Demetrius Capone]
Damn! I be chillin' like a muh, chillin' chillin' like a muhfucka
What the fuck is up?
Damn! I'mma feel on little momma laying on them tits I bought her
I'm just chillin' with my noccas, ugh
Me and nachos chillin', when I'm willin' ain't got no ceilin'
In these streets, we retarded like filling a pot hole listen
If you feelin' so macho nigga, then I'm willin' to squash yo melon
Cause I'm feeling soprano, killin' ya pronto, wishin' that God forgive him
C and the O.B, chillin' like Craig and Smokey
I'm Thor's younger brother, in other words I said I'm Loki
But don't make me turn into Deebo, what you got on my 40 homie
Ya dead homie's on my 40. BLAOW! Cause he ran up on me

[Verse 2: Julius Luciano]
I be chillin' with my noccas, spendin' all this guap up
Stackin' C notes high, call them high notes, opera
Yeah I'm chillin' with my noccas, sippin' all this vodka
With a chick from New York, I play in her garden, yeah nigga watch her
And we party hard, bringin down the house no Steve Martin
I'm charged up, couldn't bring my charge down with a plea bargain
When that beef starting, better keep walking
I'mma squeeze larkins', have the heat barkin'
I'll split ya crown blaow, sit you down, Steven Hawking
Hold up! You just a towel boy, I'm playin' in the game
Me and my dudes wild boys, word to MGK
You wanna live it up? Hang around my peoples
Hit the club all the drinks on the house like shingles


[Verse 3: Andrew 'Dice' Dinero]
I be chillin' with my noccas, chillin' chillin' with my noccas
You niggas ain't real, you be chillin' with them coppers
I be grippin' on my chopper while I'm hanging like a chandelier
Colt 45, open your lid like a can of beer
Yeah we all about cheese, right? Blow a green no weed pipe
Posted up like a street light, in LB with that beach like
I stay with a chick that give me brains, no prob
Her head game dope, I call that a blow job
When I'm in the booth my nigga, I'm on my U-Gang shit
Run all over the track like Bolt, I'm on my Usain shit
Fuck whoever you came with, I'm chillin' with my noccas
You got a prob, I'll bring the beef to ya jaw, no potluck

[Verse 4: Kenny Siegel]
I fucks with my COBstas, my COBians, my COBos
We get this shit started like keys to an auto
Ssuutt ssuutt! C-O fucking B that's the motto
I eat with my noccas, get cheese with my nachos
We don't fuck with lames, that's the known rule
Like cows birthin' daughters we ain't having no bull
Chicks wanna wear my chain, they all on my sack
They wanna pick my brain they be askin' for jewels
H-Gang, fuck you think you playin with?
Even when you use the word manure you ain't sayin' shit
I be chillin', feelin' Mary J-uanna
So much I wanna, marry a J, I'm gonna



This how we do shit
We on some new shit
This Horseshoe my nocca
We on some shoe shit

This 'how we do shit
We gettin loot bitch
This 'COB my nocca
We on some crew shit