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Groundhog - Instrumental

Living life like a ground hog
Black bandana and it sounds of
Sirens and violence
24/7 no days off
As a younger he tried be a pro baller
But no scouts never called up
Now ya catch him on the corner
Number one gunner and hes rising the tall up
Worked the life that he's wanted
Older brothers doing 10 for a gun ting
His world don he wasn't on that
Black balaclava and gloves for the robbery
Dem time there his looking food for da family
Buss gunshot and drink brandy
Living at home with his mumsie
There were one day that he had to go hungry
It goes on and on
Now he's said that he worked out
The olders are cool but they're burnt out
They haven't put in work for the last couple years so according to him they don't dump out
Anyway he got shift wid a couple boxes
Boydem run up in his mumsies
Lucky that he never had the 45
Dutty Babylon they would have loved it
So when the judge slapped him with a sentence
Not one ounce of repentance
Tried the screw face ting when he was about on the wing
But when he got punched up he remembered
That he wasn't bout that life on the inside
Never ad the heart of a warrior
Started promising himself dat he werent coming back
Got surrounded by goons and he felt like a foreigner
Anyway them man a touch road
Now he's saying get down or lay down
Upgraded himself from mini to a monster
Brand new bully in the playground
Mumsie can't take it
She goes hard with the prayers onna Sunday
She beg Jesus for guidance and mercy to show him a better way
Anyway my mans Muslim
He's goes hard with the war on the friday
He said he's done with the bacon
But he still goes ham with the lemon and the highgrade
On and on
Its goes on and on
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The pressure is rising
We keep on surviving
There's no disguising
It goes on and on
The road that you're taking
The world that you're making
There's no escaping
It goes on and on
Now we got a new chapter
Life of a new wave gangster
When my don said he's picking up boxes
Cash in hand
He aint holla'in a sponser
Now he knows about obia
So he's spreading big money on the dark side
Try pay for protection
Pray for protection
He was just hoping he won't die
Cause nobody wants gunshots
Never get caught slipping on the wrong side
Yo the streets look then the streets chat
He heard that somebodies just put money on his headback
But he said he don't even bidniss
He said dem man better get a refund
He don't leave the yard without the big ting
He said funeral but it ain't he's one
Yo mumsie can't take it
She goes hard with the prayers onna sunday
She knows he won't make it
But she still beg Jesus
To hear what she's gotta say
But anyway my mans dumping
People wit shots in tha face and headbacks
Mana move scary like Halloween pumpkin
Dem mana dat buss gun dem man dat don't take chat
It goes on and on and on
On and on
On and on
On and on
On and on
On and on
It goes
On and on
On and on

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