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Beautiful (feat. Trey Songz)

* Yeah I'm getting so close 2 you
Oh now what am I suppose 2 do
Yeah Cause you're so good 2 be true
You know you are beautiful

I put my arms around you
I feel so secure around you
Do you realize what I feel inside
I never felt like this before no
You are a part of me
But lately my heart skips a beat... yeah

I know that were just friends
So I tried 2 hold in
But I'm sorry it is 2 late
Is it wrong 2 love you
Tell me what should I do
Why am I feeling this way...

* repeat

Baby I feel the same way
You in my life, it changed me
I can't explain the way I feel inside
So keep your arms above me
Girl, I'm gonna hold you down see
Ain't never gonna need another cat like me

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You got me thinkin'
I can't control the feelings
My blood presser high
It's raizing 2 the sealing
The things that you do is so beautiful
That makes you amazing and unpredictable!

The way you give me all your loving
You been doing it with skill

I do what I do
Cause I know it's real

Baby girl, you do it best
Won't you tell me what it is?

You know what is like
You understand what(how)I feel

I love your style, that buautiful smile
Won't you have my child?
(Don't you know you're beautiful?)
The things you do
The sexy little way you move
(Don't you know you're beautiful?)

* repeat