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AI( A.I. )

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AI( A.I. )


(feat. Joe Budden)

[Joe Budden:]
Jump off
Joe Budden
You know
Got my girl AI with me
We just came to do it like this, talk to each other real briefly
So sexy right here
Understand it

[Rap Verse 1:]
You say
I never called you, and I
I never see you, but ma
Don't get it twisted, I never planned to mislead you, and I
Know what you thinking in the back of your dome
That I'm in the lab, gettin' dome, but boo, I'm coming back home
Just listen, hear what you sayin', ma, I kept it real with you
And after all, I know you feel for me just like I feel for you
Had you
Want me to walk like you take homage my style
Boo, you just need to be alone for a while
I gotta respect it
Let's go

[Verse 1: AI]
We used to be so tight in the beginning
Don't know how it all fell apart
Maybe, cause I've been buzy
You feel like second best
But that's no excuse
For you chasing
Some other bitch's ass
Now these are my last words for you
Oh it's like, 'Get the hell out of my life'

[Chorus 1: AI]
No matter what people see
Until my voice is gone, I cry
There's no place for me to go back
This is it
My last goodbye

[Verse 2:]
Photo in the frame, now it's all in the past
Can't even look me in the eyes
The nerve that you think you can try
And work all this shit out
Oh, how could you
Do this to me
I don't need you anymore
So these are my last words for you
It's something like, 'Get the hell out of my life'

[Chorus 2: AI]
No matter what people think
Gotta keep on walking, I cry
Wanna lose all my memories of you
This is it
My last goodbye

[Joe Budden:]
I understand you

[Rap Verse 2:]
I'm out cakin'
You thinkin' I'm out datin'
That I'm out, chasin', while you just sit in the house hatin'
You saying, 'We don't go out,' I don't hug you no more
So now, you talking to me as if I don't love you no more
Let's be for serious, I got your heart
Don't be scurd
I may have women on the side, but boo, they don't compare
And though we might've lost touch, they like, we won't redeem it
I hear you telling me to leave, but I don't think that you mean it
I know it's wrong, baby, trust me, we can weather the storm
Look, I apologize to you, now it's time to move on
That's on my momma, we ain't gotta do the drama anymore
Though what don't kill us such this make us stronger
Please believe it

[Chorus 2]

I'm out