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Brother's Keeper

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Brother's Keeper

Too Cool For Jesus

Lyricist:Kevin P Paige

Are you too cool for Jesus?
Are you too cool for Him?

Trash mouth Ricky is a superstar
He gets all the women in his souped up car
He says livin is high on wheels
He does what he feels
He's got a theory that the good die young
And that uptight squares want to take his fun
A quick it and a heart attack
And he won't be back

Bobby took a pledge, put God on the shelf
He put his faith in a friend who can't save himself
They wanna kick it up gangster style
They got a fat cash pile
He's heard of Jesus one time before
He said â€~It's too soft man, I'm hard core
I'm no fairy, no Peter Pan, I won't love no man' (He loves you anyway)

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Is it cool to hang and die
Let em spit into your eye
Suffer for world's sake
Only to be called a fake
Have the power in your hand
To crush every blinded man
But what'd He do, He died for you
Now is it cool?

Satisfied Mary won't sell her soul
She's got Jesus in her life to make her whole
They try to tease her cause she wants to wait
She's so out of date
Then they tell her that your too held down
And that you'll never be hip til you sleep around
She said â€~I could be you if I wanted to be
But you could never be me'

Are you too cool for Jesus? (He loves you anyway)