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Bound For Glory

20 Kilometers

Divisions stand at the border prepared for the Eastern trek
Operation Barbarossa is launched into full effect
The border is crossed, the assault begins, massed in furious waves
The spark is lit, the shelling starts, blitzkrieg sets the stage

Over the marshes and the plains
The panzers start to roll
Death from above raining missiles
The stukas take their toll
The brave soldiers of Europe
Set out to join the East and West
Against the red dragon
Mother Eurpoe sent her best

With full speed ahead, they were gaining ground
Into the heart of the enemy
They liberated the villages and towns from the yoke of tyranny
They were welcomed as heros, over the cities their standard flew
It was mass victory in the East in the summer of 42

They drove on with amazing speed
Until they were outside Moscows gates
They had the kremlin in their sights
But they didn't know what hell awaits
Victory was so close in their grasp
For their volk, their nation and their blood
Then the rain set in for endless days
Turning the ground to mud

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There's 20 more kilometers to go
As the November rains turn into snow
Just 20 more kilometers to go
So near, yet so far from delivering the final blow

Their move was coming to a halt,
They were running out of supplies
Their tanks immobile in the mud,
The earth was swallowing them alive
The cold set in, freezing the men,
General winter reared his head
Yet the fight was on in this frozen land
That claimed so many dead

The Bolslevik resistance grew
Their manpower and supplies had no end
Now the attacking soldiers of Europe
Had to turn to defend
Against Asiatic hordes enforced
By allied supplies
How could the allies support communism
And its Marxist lies?

(Repeat Chorus) x2

20 more kilometers to go...

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