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Dope D.O.D.( Dope DOD )


I never run unless I wanna be ahead of some
I'm passin' everyone so fast I surpassed the peloton
Walkin' on the sweaty sun
That's why I carry heavy lungs
Turned 21 I came to Earth with a set of guns
And lightsabers
Cut the light of the myspacers
And light cases with cocaine it's like Vegas
But I came to your planet as a lifesaver
And to harvest the organs of my white neighbour
My main objective
Leave a man slain his intestines
Sprayin' for more than 7 seconds
Displayin' the ways of perfection
I daze 'm like toxoplasmosis infection
Today it is Cosmosis Jones's inception
I pray to the godz for the sword of deception
The things you will see neither fact nor it's fiction
My life non existent
Yet livin'
I'm singing

Twinkle, twinkle, we're from Mars! Wistle, wistle kiss the stars!
Twinkle, twinkle, we're from Mars! We are way to far for people...

The cyborgs are ready to come with the deadly
Weapons we carry and slaughter (Watch out!)
We drive through you hood, find your leader and crew
And leave'em all dead on the corner (Shot down!)
With my rhymes I travel thru time
Slime makes my white exoskeleton shine
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And ya betta think twice about stabbin me up
It gets hot, when ya got acid for blood!
Brrraa! I'm Judge Dredd with the shotgun led
Time for some pump action drop ya'll dead
Rocket packet on my back
As I take off
Who dares to face off with Vicious? (No one!)
On a pitch black planet I am prisoner Riddick
When we in the house it's a crib full a critters
District 9's where I kick it with Wikkes
Got my prawn finger on the trigger, bring it!...

Watch me illuminate the sky with a laser beam
I'm beamed up I remain unseen
Predator cloack on ya stronghold gets rolled on
Enforcements their all gone you ain't winning this one
Melt down armour with my plasma gun
Now ya hole puny army's gonna get out done
So come to the darkside theirs nowhere to run
Enjoy the last time that you can see the sun
You're all enslaved in my dark empire
Force fields no need for barbed wire
I never transpire got what's required
And ya whole planet I'ma set it on fire
Escape with the spaceship like a stunt flyer
Ya can't imagine we take it much higher
No opposition at all ya not fighters
Join the empire the future brighter