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The Pause

Fantastic black chick wit the hip tactics
Dont gimme no lip cause you sound spastic

Welcome to my seminar
And you are? And You are? Yeah, and you are?

I'm the keynote lecturer, your sounds are sub par
Harper's Bazaar said I'm a natural star

Ask the Dalai Lama I'm the cat's pajamas
An exclamation point and you're just a comma

I'm the bee's knees you be beggin please
You sound so sick like you gotta disease

I'm spoiled ... Royal
I'm platinum and you're tin foil

You're on the bus I'm in a plane flyin
I'm a dozen roses you're a dandelion

I'm the champion your sound is drum pan
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I'm a real smart girl and you're a dumb man

So many guys wanna kiss me, dozens
You're desperate and you kissed your cousin

We got the fly cars and the custom Nikes
You got Pro Keds and mountain bikes... aight

You ain't even signed you stay home blunted
We the most requested on Z100

Up jump the boogie to the biggie bang beat
Do wah diddy din dada la di Louie Louie

Got the best boys Toms Cruise and Clancy
Got the best tracks from Matt and Fancy

That's the name you say.

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