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Glass Hammer

She, A Lonely Tower

So far from Heaven
Her heart never free
A captive in her own mind
And her face bears the frown
Of the fears that lock her deep underground
And so she, a lonely tower

With my ear against the wall
I swear I can hear the stones cry out
For their brothers
For their sisters
The rocks on the hills surrounding me

Behind those tear-stained eyes
Her bewildered mind denies
Their souls embrace

Way up high on a cliff
Above a vast sea
She, a lonely tower
Captive by self design
The walls mortared with tears
With the dust of all those lost hopeful tears

The Lila of love
On the stage of the age
Though our hearts never changed
Still page after page
The script remains the same

Upon the moonlit fields of my yearning heart
Though I dream
My unrelenting soul is searching

Once in the shadows of her mind
Haunting the halls of memory
The ghost of all regretting

Legend tells that the sea
Holds no memory
A distant island she came to be
No rest for her was found
But there came his voice, a sound
Carried on the sea
Calling her onward
To dare anew
And chance the blue once more
Now she, a stranded vessel
On uncharted shore
Yearns for his promise
That lies beyond her prison door

Dawning now light between us
Appears as the sun

May I safely walk past the land mines
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My own thoughts had laid for me

We must believe for our souls
Fly as one, catch the sun
Homeward we'll climb!

In the depths of my mind
Wherein shadows crept
Still haunting me
The ghost of all regrets

(The Tempter)
Behold my beauty
I pierce the secret design
My nature revealed in
Patterns brilliantly aligned
Oh, won't you hesitate to fly as one
Catch the sun?

Circles of mortal fate
Lost the sound now
Unveiled, no reprise for the glory

A message to endure
For the heart that's pure

(The Tempter)
Lay to waste your faith
You're flesh and bone!

True love's embrace
Ever beckoning

Oh my love
Hear! I'm calling you!

We must believe for our souls
To fly as one, catch the sun
Dawning light between us
And this homeward we climb
As the sound is unveiled
Our true nature revealed

Remember my love,
Oh, remember me this hour
Lift up your heart
A prayer on the wind
And never to falter
As our life will begin anew

God sculpted wings
For us to ascend
Our love to blossom
In His garden unending
A perfect love unending