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Glass Hammer

Behind the Great Beyond

Do you ever look down
Down past your feet and say to yourself
'Where does this pathway lead?'
Is there grass
Or is there sharp stoney rubble that makes you uneven
There are wondrous things we sense all the time
But we don't let ourselves be conscious of
Even when they walk up screaming your name in your ear
You're just too tired to hear

Eyes always focused on the prize
And not the path that takes you there
You're too smart to listen to the lies
But for the ones you tell yourself

Do you ever look up
Up in the air and wonder aloud about the distant stars
Or if there's someone out there
Doing the same thing and looking at you
Everyone has their doubts about their life
And if there's really even any goal
Or if you're only kicking the ball for no reason but practice

Questions, enigmas, and other big words
Conundrums, mysteries, seems so absurd

'What are we here for, why do we care?'
'Is someone listening, is someone there?'
'Is there a rule book' = it seems so unfair
And why does the soft little voice in your head never leave...

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Try - try and dismiss what it says
Even if you wanted to wrap your head around
Just the sheer size of it all-
Better ignore it instead
Why? Why would a person waste time
Chasing for things that have nothing to do
With the business of staying alive-
Better to wait 'til you're dead.

Try- try and not hear the voice
telling you if you will not hear, will not see,
Will no choose which way to go - you still have made a choice

Who needs an answer-
Who needs the pressure
Blinders are better-
Silence is safer
Deafness can't hurt you
Nothing can touch you-
But something nags you, it overwhelms you-
Would you try searching, should you try looking-

Have you ever looked out, outside yourself
And tried to glimpse just a fraction of the whole
Just beyond the tangible
And beyond all that's known and is yet to be learned
Taking the first step, moving foot forward
Don't know where the paths leads, but it leads somewhere...