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What Am I to Do

I use to dream set my mind on waiting patient for you to see......Ohh giving you my heart and soul tell me now don't look down cuz when I look in your eyes i know-ooowww and we could never be I'm talking to myself when I know the one thing you need and maybe thats me.

You and me could be so good I only wish you could see what I see, never felt this hard before tell me youll be the the one to catch me before I hit the floor (cuz I'm Fallin) and we will never beeeee if you don't let yourself feel that same thing for me and maybe.... well seeeeee

Ohhh why am I so gone to only see you (what am I to dooooo) I tried many times to the point theres really no use so tell me what am I to do

Two ships in the night that's us don't wanna let this thing pass us, if you would only just ask her she could be the queen to ya castle. Maybe even share the same address we could take our time no no stresss love is a game kinda like chess I make my move you're next.