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Rich Gang

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Rich Gang

Million Dollar

Theres a few women out here
That got that million dollar pussy
Sometimes they come from a very struggling environment

[Verse 1: Detail]
Boarding pass that flight
But make sure you on it cause im here
And im thinking about that shit you said the other night when you text me
And said 'when im off of your time, you better turn up, you got all the plugs, even wayne came to yo house'
Gold bottles in my kitchen
Candles in my restroom
And i sent her ass to my best room
That fire place got chest room
Two guests, indian or you gotta be arabic
That hour glass look mighty round
Is it real or did you inherit it
Phone calls on phone calls
Girl i keep that work going
All you gotta do is lick them lips
Girl gon and keep that flirt going
First night, popped it off
All you did was look
You was cool once you realize you wasn't fucking with no crook
Baby i dont kiss and brag
Ima follow your lead
I see the pussy got a tag on it
Go on and let that milli breathe

[Verse 2: Future]
Champagne on her nipple
Dripping on my pistol
Fuck her like i miss her
I just met her and dismissed her
Marble on my counter
Mollys on my counter
Roses in my yard
Dying by the day
Trying water every seed
Showing off my seeds
Water all my seeds
Watch em grow to kids
Keys to the 'Gatti
Keys to the 'Rari
Keys to the Lambo
Keys to the Mansion
Keys to the Penthouse
Hmm hmm hmm
You contagious
I can taste it
You need to fuck me like you love me
From your face is on this back, You know your into me
You a fein to me
You into me
You Into Me

[Hook: Future and Nicki Minaj]

Million Dollar Pussy (TapOut)
Million Dollar Pussy (TapOut)
And I'm gon make her Tap Out
Tap out, Tap Out, Tap out, Tap Out
Tap Out