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RBL Posse


Ah, yeah in the mothafuckin house Black C and Mr. Cee from the
mothafuckin Posse this is straight out the mothafuckin lab, you know
what I'm sayin, the funk lab that is and we run this shit like this.

(Black C)
This some shit you can't fuck with out the funk lab
We got some game for you niggaz in big fat slabs
Like a pound or a key a G you can't be
Who the fuck you tryin to be and that G is me
We sucka-free a mothafuckin menace
Coppers on the block but they hot
Cuz they can't run up in this
And it's a daily routine my niggaz on the scene
Slangin that chronic and the cream
Ya know it's nothin but the funk
It's nothin but the funk that we want
And the bass to make the speakers bump
I heard that cash rules everything around
And niggaz from my hood nowday is livin foul
See I'm from the concrete jungle
And it's like a jungle sometimes that makes me wonder
How I keep from going under
(I'm so funkdafied)
But I can't do a damn thing if I ain't got a 9 to 5
It seems I got no hope
I gotta slang dope I'm tryin to do this rap thing
and I'm still broke
But this time we tryin to come tighter than the last time
Nationwide coming funkdafied
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So uh, so uh, funkdafied, so funkdafied too funkdafied

Well it's the niggaz from 4-1-5
In Frisco we kick it live
The niggaz who make my nine
The playaz who took the time
To come with this funky shit
To get you hoes on our dick
The shit to get trunks shit
The shit that makes niggas split
Cuz Too Short says there's money in the ghetto
But he forgot about two niggaz packin beats like heat
And if you don't believe me come ask my neighbor
Cuz we be bumpin this all day after day after day
Knockin niggaz out the box like quick it's so thick
That right boy ghetto ass shit
And niggaz tryin to know our business
But really on the real they don't know shit
Gettin on my nerves
Cuz everyone claims they know us from the baller to the bump by the curb
But they don't know K-Y
But know this, that I'm, so funkdafied

chorus (4x)