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Styles of Beyond

Marco Polo

feat. Emcee 007
Producer:Vin Skully

[Verse 1:Emcee 007]
I supersede MC's with these rhymes I fell upon
Holding Koran, the self appointed Teflon Don
My golden arms strong no frail
Chew letters spit nails
As the world turns and burns I got dizzy and fell
I felt the Earth move dude then the sky turned red
Touch mine and I get live the world wide web
Who said, 'Declare war'?
I seen your crew before
At a glance, you even make it how to advance
Ayo I make you dance with a frenzy of slugs no doubt
Eternal beef will end with your crew rubbed out
My clout is elevated by the man I've become
Forever won son, my rhymes long term like mutual funds
Stun massage your eardrum, I'm wild my style vary
Exists amidst the gist is I ain't ordinary
My personalities split identity
Remember me blaze, I make moves like Kaiser Soze
Marc' Polo

[Verse 2: Ryu]
Kamikaze missions
Skill bomb drills
Nine milli' mils tucked in the bubble jacket
With Tak and Ryu you'll get served with the racket
Michael Chang type slang, verb Viet Cong
South Cali saigon, Don Juan Dimarco
Polo, hip hop rejects world trade embargo
It's Tiger Chan the San Fernando Valley Rambo
In camo
Flage dodge the ammo I'm Commando
With Vandon I'll verbally bust shots at random
With rhyme repercussions that kill like Charles Manson
Funk phantom with words observe my lingui-
-stics and stones will break beats, break bones

[Hook: Emcee 007]{​x2}​
Feeling like the Prince of Demarco
Follow, rock it/rocket like the 13th Apollo
Polo, I grab mics and go for dolo
Love lines, angles and rhymes project my thought

[Verse 3: Tak]
I start writing with this psychopath, mad vex vision
King Tut, mummy rap, idiotic feeling
Tea spoon of rhymes is enough to combust
Spontaneous or not I'm sharp like elephant tusks
You can fantasize but this ain't no scene like the Bahamas
It's more like a last minute notice from stealth bombers
Power from the moon, skill like combat platoons
Snap shot, picture frame, quick photo lens zoom
Tossing bodies like a javelin, 60 yard mark
And it made a metal face side bark aardvark
Ayo so crack the window some cause I'm collapsing your lung
Necktie wiseguy straight off the boat from Un Cung
I drop a plate of [?]feel the rays of the sun
Use the light like photosynthesis generating my tongue
It's guerrilla warfare cause I'm the capital like Cairo
The world could never comprehend the wicked things that I know
The [?]beat percussion slamming like a mosh pit
Too much exposure to the wack this always makes me nauseous
So I avoid to be exposed and stay equipped with battle drill
Suck their pride like banana cupcake cream filled
Backspin to windmill
Nylons cover linoleum
Dancing with a mic causing verbal pandemonium

Fish outta water?
(Yo, why you peeking man?)

[Verse 4: Ryu]
I'm rushing, smashing MC's up like pumpkins
For fronting, my function is phat make no assumption
Clothes steady clumping, junk joined at the hip hop hooray
Mayday melee runs off the lip then dips
Down way, way low below the surface
Fuck what you heard I can see you getting nervous
40 love serve us, Ryu is up to volley
Mop that bitch full of shit without the folly
Muhammad Ali butterfly rhymes that stick and move
I shall exceed indeed to proceed I presume

[Verse 5: Emcee 007]
All aboard yo as we reach the end merge
Switching gears don't fuck with mine Depeche Mode
I got that soul glow, double O flow beyond point
I remember school dazed off the Spike Lee Joint
I'm twisted, ain't no use for no resistance
Ease back, give me my room I need some clearance
Appearance, interference between the foes
The schizophrenic bandit, Marco Polo


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