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Styles of Beyond

You Lose

Verse 1 (Tak)

Hello how you doing
It's nice to meet you
To ruin the space that you continue
To take in this music
I'ma move in your space and snake the pawn
And crown myslf the Don
Of a bass and bomb
Keep calm
The wrath of retards
Is the fast recharge
The last unique form
The walls you put up
That had to be return
When I told Cheapshot to stab the begone

Verse 2 (Ryu)

You know it's on
You can check my grin
Every songs got bumps like infected skin'
I don't got big trucks with expensive rims
I got five bucks till my check comes in
I can show you real quick what offensive is
Touch my fat and beg till you suck my tits
In the front row pissing on a bunch of kids
You better damn well know who the fuck this is

Oh no
No no no no
Roll out
Let's go
Got my smokes and my liquor
Don't think that we won't get you
One day real soon
You'll be looking around like who knew
Then we come out quick and boom boom
We win
You lose

Verse 3 (Ryu)

Buck the system
My shit knocks like a busted piston
Double fisted
Piece of cake
My click hold more liquid then a freaking lake
Hit my cell
You can meet your fate
What's up
Hell is hot
And the pizza's great
Who the balls out camp bang and stay home with
Ryu and Tak, Cheapshot you know this

Verse 4 (Tak)
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She had the
Skin of a cashew
Tall physique
She spoke greek
With a low key
Tone that grabs you
Ripe to pick once
Lips type to kiss
She's outta my league
Well life's a huh
Still I'm on the hunt
Looking for whoever to kill
Must've see at least a hundred like Cruella Deville
So when I'm in the joint
Packing a beretta to chill
I'm just acting
Money's what I get for the thrill


Verse 5 (Tak)

Watch the edge
Two shots of vodka
Said I look much different
Since I chopped the dreads
Now I'm in disguise
With a hat to the side
You can't catch me
Look beware of the line
I'm so sassy
Slap a tab on the plastic
Till I puke
And ride shotgun in a taxi
In the land of Megadef
It's over
Never get sober
Hell of a steamroller

Verse 6 (Ryu)

The doors open
Be my guest
You know it's hot
You can see my breath
In the summer the sun's up
The gun becomes us
You know my name
Tiger Chan you numb nuts
Got the props and the kicks to match
Off my dick for once let me itch my sack
Go to war with the Irish
Wish you did
I'll tell your whole fanbase what a bitch you is