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[Verse 1:Ryu]

Welcome to the Megadef, step at your own risk
Seven bucks a pop your fucking with known pimps
The real no nonsense, click, conquer, and kill
Uh, I'm so swass it hurts to piss
You ain't shit but you talk it off my deals
And cook six inch sausage, open your grill
I get crazy jockage thanks a mil
You got the whole world hooked on some wanker pills
Bitch, shoot to kill
My nukes are too clean
If you only knew what they do to MC's
Yo, that's me, with the Cuban links
You can't afford cause your motherfucking music stinks
Bling Bling just to piss you off and make you hurl
I'm sippin' Don P. with some naked girls
On three get your clicked rushed fucking with us
Now who you calling a bitch with your balls and dick tucked

In the land of Megadef it's over
Big trunk full of shit, blow the globe up
Started from the S.O.B
Never get sober, hell of a steam roller

[Verse 2: Tak]

Yo, back to basics now, 818 crown
Yeah the same style that's slayin' face down
With the record that'll splatter you quicker then six paint guns
Straight for the jugular where you suckers can take one
Megadef, yes, we hella fresh but
Never forget where the fuck we came from
The raw shit gutter and clap guns together
We rush whenever the mic is touched, what
This is how it is
So watch me handle my biz, as I bubble and fizz
Don't want no trouble with kids, put 'em up quick
Crush reload it's off safety
I'ma bust flows who knows and toss greatly, uh
You can't shake me, what you think
You're too flaky and flimsy to trust the fake

[Hook x2]
So hear we go now
Megadef, S-T-Y-L-E-S
Check on the low down one of the best yet
One, two, where they at
You suckers playing the back
What's new is now old pal, running this rap