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Shabazz Palaces

Since C.A.Y.A.

You know it's real
Poppin' a pill
Thanks for the pill
Ice on the scales
Nights with the grills
Kites for my chil's
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You type until
Flights for the girls
Black night, Black knights
Knights of the veil
License entail

They tails rattle, but they fail in battle
I pop jail shout outs while I bail Seattle
I hear they chatter but to me it ain't matter
I'm off some stamped passport with some cake batter, get madder
Of course I've bagged it, there's sadder and badder
He's the former, I'm the latter
He got to buy all the things he brag bout - me?
When I came out man, I already had it
I'm in the back of G van with (?)'s Pop
Tell me his son was abouts to get hot
These is town niggas, I'm thinking why not
Get reals my bros, but she don't wanna not
I practice in Blackness when macking my flows
This what an African nigga gon' know
Like Gule, and Sabe and Jurado
They clip the AK, 'so what's happenin' bro?'
The usual, pimped on a [?]
Casablanca with Yeezys on my feet
Let me now shout out EC and DP
Since C.A.Y.A., I flowed the fly way
She knew the deal and she on the highway
From my hood, if he was flyer and wanted to skyway
Shout out EJ, CJKJ
Each and e'ry day, for me's a pay day
He ain't filthy, no word gymnastics
That's Old English, dipped in plastic
Deliver spastic in the [?]last peaks
The systems [?]
That's rich, I just pee-peed your sheen
I bop with a limp, hop a trench
I've been in a trench, I get out the pinch
You can't see, still on the bench?
For styles I invented, don't start to preen
Hoes start the green, I'm in motion
You're all in contempt
Lost in these streets is now lost in the beat
Man, I can't even remember my last tweet
Your souls man, selfie can last week
Your swag, beat, that's me
This one I'm with like mango lassi
Whoosh off her feet, it's a fast week
Sprawled out, looked like gold and [?]
We touching the green, now she fast asleep
But I'm still a jiggy on this beat
[?]i'm a [?]

I got diamonds on my flow
You can bet other niggas know
I'm watching all the stars
Falling out they bars
I see the sell outs, clowns, coons
Staring empty minded at the moon
Ever waiting
This is why, I ride the waves

I got Quazarz on my blood
Filthy brains and razor parts
We could do it in the dark
I see the sell outs, clowns, coons
Staring empty minded at the full moon
Ever waiting
This is why, I freed the slaves