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Set To Stun

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Set To Stun

Necronomicon Ex-Mortis

Welcome! Welcome!
To the end of our story
Will our heroes be met with death or with glory?
Nobody knows, I do suppose,
We'll just have to wait and see!

Well damn this house and all it's voices
Rat-infested, headless corpses
How much further can we bend
Before we all eventually break?

When I told her I loved her
My heart can't take this pain anymore
But I'll never surrender, my love,
Just remember the man that I was

It's just like you to shut your eyes
And run your fuckin' mouth!
Quite talkin' shit about something
That you know nothing about!
It's never been about unity
It's always been about
You versus me!

I bear this crown of thorns
As a constant reminder
Of all the sins that I'm going to pay for
And I'm too young to die

But she's the only thing that make me feel human

If i believe in anything then I believe that we'll make it through

And on my last breath I'd die to defend her
When it comes down to it would she have done the same for you?

They're all going to laugh at you
And I'll be laughing when they do!
Cause I know heartache and I know pain
And it's written on your face every single day
So when the Boogiemen come to take you away
Don't fuckin' blame me
Don't fuckin blame me!

Oh! You had me at 'Hello'
And I swear I'll never let you go
When your broken body falls
I'll catch you.

Cause I don't know if I can bear
One more lonely night in there!
So stay with me! Stay with me!
Baby please don't fall asleep
Can anybody help me?
Can anybody hear me?
Am I all on my own?
Someone back me up!

'We got your back now!
Grab your guns and raise some hell!'
Oh am I glad to hear your voice..

Boy it feels good to be back with the boys..

Sometimes I wake up in the night crying out your name
The pillowcases bear witness to my pain
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And once again I'm all on my own
God, if you can hear me send my Anne-Marie back home
(Oh my god, Anne-marie come back home!)
(Home now)

I'll never leave you again!
Put and end to your phobias, for tonight,

And when they come for me
Let it be known that I surrendered willingly
I'm not coming home tonight boy
Don't hold your breath till the morning comes

Mirror! Mirror! On the wall!

I feel so powerless and empty
Exhausted but I can't sleep
Cause I know everybody's out to get me
The only man I fear
Is looking in the mirror
And his anatomy's primarily composed of:

Unadultered hatred!
Serpentine, snake-line tongue!
Convoluted! Undisputed!
Devil at the back door, death is at the front

And in my final hours, a simple question:
Will death be my demise or my redemption?

And as we stand here, on the brink of an abyss
Staring straight into the depths of Hell,
I ask you old friend
Stand with me one last time
And raise up the fuckin' colors high
We're going to war

Motherfucker! Stand up! Stand up and fight!

(Raise up the colors, This is my color)
Show me you're the man that you claim to be tonight
I'm sending you back to Hell
Never again will I fall subject to the leniency of my heart!

Death to the Blessed, and hail to the Accursed
I believe in Anne-Marie Worth

I want to cover the world in ashes
I want to fill your mouth with dirt
And with the last breath that you gasp in
I want to bury you alive in the earth!

So my son, when the Deadmen come
Just remember where you've come from
Never have and never will bow to no one

I won't stand here pretending I'm not afraid
I'm scared to death but I never had the option to run away

With my guns drawn, march onto the background
And don't look back on all the wrong I've done
You fucked up son!
Look what you've done!
You brought the knife
And I brought the gun!