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Tom Odell( Thomas Peter Odell )

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Tom Odell( Thomas Peter Odell )

Jubilee Road

Lyricist:Andrew Burrows
Composer:Andrew Burrows

It's a late Friday night
The street lights are shining
Up in my bedroom
Wonder who you will lose
And I ain't been invited
There ain't nothing like it
Away I go
Down on Jubilee Road
He's grumpy and he's gray
But we're slippin' off the pavement
Cigarettes and leaves
And his wives up in heaven
So always I wait
'Cause he's got this expression
That's all I know
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Down on Jubilee Road
Oh, I think it's tomorrow night
When I'm old, when I'm old
I can hear that tonight
Down on Jubilee Road
Oh, I'm feeling so tired
I will call you up, make everything alright
And I'll show you, I'll show you
The mass is still here, your wardrobe still empty
And the walls are still painted blue
Well I think they still hate me for all these songs I endlessly sing
And it ain't no perfect street
And I ain't no perfect lover
So come back home
Down on Jubilee Road
Down on Jubilee Road