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The Aurora( Aurora )

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The Aurora( Aurora )

Two Dice And A Silent Disguise

(Music:Vestergaard -


Do we know him well
Can he truly tell
Can he say he knows my name
Does he know who to blame
Can he see behind his mask
Does he know his task
Does he fear the life he leads
Will he walk where I do not know
A place I'd like to see and show
To view the world far and wide
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A place where he can replace his long lost life
Do we see the thousand tears
he has shed through all his troubled years
The times that he was left alone
Never to see what he had been show
Is all he has enough to last
or will he need two dice to cast
Does he love what life denies
Will life succed his selfless tries
Or will he fall into a new disguise
Beyond this cold life

(Solo: Broberg/Vestergaard)