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The Aurora( Aurora )

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The Aurora( Aurora )


Just don't try to pin me at fault
Or make me out to be such a villain
Cause what your feeling is just the cause
Of the style of life that you're living

And though you call me every time you fall
Despite the fact I never pick up to listen
If you're feeling small now that you hear this song
Know that I was never truly yours to begin with

So make a scene
You always make a scene and you know it
Oh oh you know it
Oh oh you know it all,
Walking through life with your eyes closed
Never really knowing were your night goes
Always getting lost in the lights and smoke
And the promise of something better
Something more
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Something you can't get from a boy back home

So don't blame it on me and my terrible timing
Because if you thought ahead then you would not be crying
cause all of those boys and
The beds that you've lied in
Have accumulated quickly since we met in last July and

It's a matter of time now
It all catches up
And you quickly start to realize
The life that you've wasted

Well don't cry to me
Cause I could not give a fuck
You've been running from excuses
Now its time you had to face them

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