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You Bitch

[** with Lil Phat:]

[Verse 1:]
I'm dat nigga,u fuckin' right
Da trill yung savage nigga
Wat its lookin' like
Found a nigga down on da undacova' trippin'
Ya'll gone fuck around and have sum mufuckas missin'
The street nigga places i dun been there
I dun did it
'Ol pussy ass nigga why u flinchin'
Show up in ya kitchen leave ya hoe up on da floor
Up in ya kitchen told ya pussy ass nigga mind ya business
Bitch I mean bidness
And I on need witness and I'm a squeeze dis mufucka
'Till it start clickin'
Nigga I been out here steady flippin' where u been at
Dis morning I woke up da feds was all up in my shit
Now I'm in dis bitch want get off like a pit
I'm a rock n get a clip n shake a nigga' til he stiff
I heard it through the wind a nigga talk bout switchin' clicks
Like tricks switch dicks u ain't shit u a bitch (a bitch)

U bitch (12x)
U a bitch nigga, u a bitch
[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 2:]
Call me savage a young pimp
I eat u bitch ass niggas like some shrimp
Pull up ya damn pants n put ya hands on ya hip
'Ol bitch ass nigga u got a man in ya ear
I see u on tv nigga u dancin and shit
If u a real nigga put up ya hands in dis bitch
Can't stand these lil faggot ass niggas they make me sick
I see u bitch ass u take off for slim n make a flick nigga
G since i was little these fools really
Turned 21 and turned into a killer look here
U dont want no drama slim i'll front row ya momma them
Shoot up all ya click houses really bring dat bitch out ya
No action just mouthin nigga i been bout it
Trill entertainment we makin moves is we gone stop i doubt it
I got em crowned and a 4 lead its gone leave u wit no legs
We leave bitch niggas so dead u bests keep dat to yo head

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 3:]
This rap shit ain't but made my life and save my life
Get dat shit right I done quick my work i done earned my stripes
Bitch been through it all together so we ball together or fall together
And go get back rich we do this shit
These rapp niggas pussy I knew this shit
They dick in da booty can suck on a dick
I'm da savage nigga if u got somethin' to tell me
C'mon n get a me nigga
Up n da city ridin' pretty how u catch a nigga'
I'll slant a nigga and stretch a nigga from here to there
Get behind em and then slice em up from ear to ear
Listen clear tell the truth i deserve mine
I keep it trill savage life its my 3rd time
My real life is more than just makin words rhyme
I ain't get a chain snatched who else can claim that
before u get ya shine on gotta get ya grind ya on
i aint got time to be lying on my shit