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Better Man

1st Verse

Now it may take a minute to get it, but when it comes.. We'll split in half
They say that we tend to talk slow, but we listen fast
1-9-7-8-er straight is what we gonna be
This is how it sounds when me and Zak let our soul speak
Rhythm is a language, back & forth.. Sway motion
Daily, we've been upgrading. Waiting for an opening
Both feet forward, keep the dope beat going
Plus our tones speak boldly, hopefully earn the trophy,
For what we stand for, really can't go wrong
Born year of the horse, songs tend to mirror our thoughts
We was taught, to be sincere at an early age
We went against the grain, so the brainwash done rinsed away
And we never switched just to fit up in their folder
On beats Zak's more fonky as he gets older
Potent like, Ammonia.. But we don't brag
We're just perfecting our craft, so in the end we'll be a better man

Do yall even understand
Sometimes love is all we have
We done learned from our past, mom & pops cleared a path
So one day they'll encourage their sons to be a better man

2nd Verse

U've gotta have that de-votion
That's what its called when you're earning your worth
While I'm on this earth, many times I've been burnt
That had to happen though
Cuz if it didn't I would never grow
Set up for the better, head is up high when I'm feeling low
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But I never let it show
Go back then edit the present
Shaping the future by, raising my youth up
Bread, we gotta scoop up
The rent I pay is too much
Due first every new month or else they trynna sue us
But nahh.. I paid 'em off, keep the cable on
Grind take up most of your time, see what I'm aiming for
Fast forward to more, soar but sure
Gotta sharpen my sword, talking to yall thru song. Move on
To what I'm destined. Best, and nothin less than. I took what I had, then expand.. Meaning I stretched it
Planned, then I invested. Take care of my fam.
I'm doing all that I can, so in the end I'll be a better man

Our ancestors from the past
They stood for more than just the cash
We've gotta give all that we have, pass wealth around
So the generations later have their chance to be a better man
Duff Vocals

Gotta be a better.. What u say now
Gotta be a better man, yeah.. Each and every day..
Gotta be a better.. All my life, say
Gotta be a better man, yeah..
Gonna do what's right, say
Gotta be a better
Said I'm trying
Gotta be a better man, yeah
Said I'm trying
Gotta be a better
Gotta be a better man..