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Mac Miller( Malcolm James McCormick )

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Mac Miller( Malcolm James McCormick )

The Spins

Wanna get a mansion, a jacuzzi,
a theatre to watch my movies
Couple whips and lots of fancy things,
the kids they called it goonies
See the future, crystal ball,
mirror mirror hanging on the wall
who the flyest white boy of them all?
Gottcha girlfriend screenin' all the calls,
she bubblin' we f*ckin and you cuddlin'
like baby where the f*ck you been?
Don't wanna tell you she inlove with him we ain't sayin' nothing
you could probably tell she bluffin'
cause she kissed you with the mouth she gave
me head with my concussion, yeah she blushin'
All red, wanna rush and go to bed
you interigate that b*tch, like you the feds
So she says she inlove with a rockstar, rockstar
wanna smoke my weed so she asks where the tops are, tops are

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ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh
ohhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhh

These hoes is drunk, wanna come and smoke this blunt
then let me take them home, and do anything i want
I said baby i can ...., jus let me get inside ya
I can take you higher, if you hit this vaporizor
I got that dope dick, i'll be your supplyer.
You grabbin on my sheets and hittin' notes like you Mariah
obbsessed with me, undressed a freak on exstacy i'm mounted
and she texted me, like whatchu doing next week, next week

Hear me now, i'm down on knees i'm prayin' knowing faith is weak
without you so please baby, please give us a chance
make amends and I will stand until the end, a million times
ohhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhh