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Future (rapper)( Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn )


Aye, My mama said fuck it nigga hit the streets and live,
Got some crack in the corner and i did what i did
The niehbors they dont like i Got J's at the door
Told my Grandma i dont need a bed im sleepin on the floor
I got my tool and my blow them my two main HOES
me and all my woes stick together like the zoes
SouthPot say who got the Yay's for the low and i keep birds with me like im straight out Hollygrove

(Im Itchin,im itchin,im itchin for that paper,my fingers they itchin,they itchin for that paper
Im riding round the city and i got that calculator im a motherfuckin monster when it come down to that paper) Repeat!

Im a Dog,and i eat that dog food ima G i put red on all my shoes come and see
My 'La Famillia Gah Piru' and i plead not guilty until prove
I got more pair trues then shoes,got chickens in the coop got shottas that a shoot
and i stay on Dj Screw When i drop it we comin back like Dj clue i make a profit i can go and buy a school im a A1 Nigga caint lose,Free band gang future on the news and hit blue flash shoot pool
put 20 in my trues and 20 thousand food i just put a play together like peyton manning do im rappin Dope to you!

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